#TrailsRoc – Rochester NY Trail Running Destination

Earlier this year, 4 like-minded, Rochester area athletes scratched their heads… “How is it possible that the Rochester and Finger Lakes Region has such world class trail running and yet… there’s no website collecting all the info in one place and promoting trail running?”


So, TrailsROC was launched by Sean Storie, Ben Murphy, Ron Heerkens Jr and myself.

We are excited to be building a home for the one of the best networks of trails you will find anywhere in the country.


My love for trails began in high school XC and never left me. My wife was introduced to it 2 winters ago at a winter trail event.

She loved it!!

We have slowly but surely added more and more trails to our running. In doing so we have found that often the biggest “problems” with trail running, is simply not knowing where the trails are or where they go. My wife is nervous to venture out on her own on to trails, and we often run different paces – this is a problem that keeps many people off of the trails. We wanted to fix that.


Our goal is to not only offer the most comprehensive listing and mapping of the regions maps, but to also form a community of trail runners.

TrailsROC will be offering trail run meet ups, we have a forum on our site already set up to share and discuss the best that this region has to offer, and we will support and grow the mission of trail running.

So get off the pavement, and join us.Check out the new site TrailsROC.org You will be amazed at what Rochester and the Finger Lakes region has to offer!

Then it’s simple, keepin on keepin on (off the roads)

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