Trails – Soccer- Long runs – and "Us"

In the middle of a long week and stressful work/home events I have to say how thankful I am to have Sheila to run with and enjoy life with.

Thursday was one of those days where you are just tired, bummed out, and ready for bed. Sheila texted me about running trails after work, and as a TrailsROC  Founding member, I of course said sure. We went over to Durand Eastman Park and ran a 3 loop system around 3 lakes. We stopped to say hello to Joe who was out fishing in his kayak.. AHOY!!! Then finished up with Picasso barking at some swans on the way back to the car.

I wore my Fila Skele-Toes for the first time on a trail run after hiking in them many other days. I loved running trails in them. The feel for the dirt, not worrying about mud, walking right out into the lake to grab joes Kayak and pull it up. All that would not have been comfortable regardless of the trail shoe I was wearing. Thats another bonus for the Skele-Toes.

There really is nothing better than a trail run to refresh the soul. I always finish feeling happy and accomplished. I can’t say the same for the roads.

Friday we spent time at the Rochester Rhinos soccer game enjoying dollar drinks and good times (winning the dance cam helps). Yeah that’s right, I am a good time at the stadium!

Saturday morning we shuffled off to Buffalo to help my parents out with some house projects, had a nice little camp fire and then settled in to what turned out to be a really poor nights sleep. Not sure why, but I was up all night. Sunday we woke up and ran 10 miles together. I love that Sheilas running has improved so much that we can run together. Her brother Matt tagged along for the second half of the 10 to give us some company. I would choose speed work over long runs any day, so it’s nice to have company on the longer runs.

As soon as we finished the run, we showered up headed off to her little sisters first communion. Church, creek walking, kick ball, and even a dog vs wood chuck encounter. All in the sun and hot temps. On the drive back home to Rochester, I realized AGAIN that there was no one  I would rather be doing all of this with.

In the middle of a busy week, followed by a busier weekend, I realized we were laughing and having fun the entire time. Mundane events are made better. Happy moments are made happier. Boring runs on the roads are made more enjoyable. Nights when I want to sit around are turned into wonderful trail runs.

Thanks Shme! You are pretty awesome… or should I say “we”?

Here’s to many more miles of trails and many more laughs and good times!

6 thoughts on “Trails – Soccer- Long runs – and "Us"

  1. shme

    We are a pretty good time, huh? I do not, however, take any credit for you and your dance cam-ing. Haha. 😉 Love you mucho and can’t imagine life without. 🙂


  2. Ali

    That’s what I miss about the ROC, all the trail systems interwoven with H2O. Nice to hear about it through another runner’s perspective.


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