We set our limits

This weekend, Ben, a fellow TrailsROC co-founder and author of AtheleteDad accomplished an amazing endurance feat. He completed an off road half ironman. (solo, self supported)

In other words, Ben swam 1.2 miles (open water, not pool), biked 56 miles (with a mountain bike on trails) and then ran 13.1 miles on the Finger Lakes Trail, one of the most technical trails in the area. That’s 70.3 miles of endurance fun!

He did this in under 9 hours.

Way to go Ben!

Events, and shows of endurance like these do two things for me mentally as a runner;

1. They motivate me. I see stuff like this and I just can’t wait to get out there and tackle my own adventures.

2. They make me realize just how amazing the human body really is. I recently saw an interview with a woman who ran from Canada to Mexico.She often competes in 100 mile ultra races. Women all over say to her “I could NEVER run 100 miles”. She asks them if they have kids, if they say yes, she says, if your child would die if you could not run 100 miles, what would happen.. she says almost 100% of them say they would run 100 miles.

So much of what we do is done with our mental spirit. Great job Ben on knocking another endurance event off of your list. This has motivated me and pushed me forward as today is day 1 of my 50k training plan.

In 20 short weeks, I will be on the start line of an event to challenge the heck out of me. I am looking forward to it!

Until then, keep reading, and keep on keepin on!

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