The day a splinter went under my fingernail

Lets recap the last few days quickly

Sunday wedding. Awesome times.

Last night was awesome. We partied with the newly weds for a second straight night.

Then, it was hell on earth as a big ass splinter went right up under and broke off in/under my finger nail.

Then today sucked because the doctor dug it out.

Long recap.

We love to dance. I don’t care where, with who, we dance… so this wedding was perfect because we danced our buts off and got sweaty to the max

We were partying it up, enjoying a cold beverage. I noticed that there was an extension cord on some porch stairs I had to go up to go use the bathroom. I figured, “hey, let’s be helpful and move that cord”. As I was winding it all up, I must have scraped my hand against the grain of some loose/chipped wood, the only place that could have gotten a splinter, did.

UNDER my fingernail on my middle finger. It hurt like hell to say the least. We tried to get it out with some tweezers, and we even tried using a pin, to no avail it was IN there.

I decided to have a few more beers, and then it was hurting and uncomfortable so we hit the road. I tried to dig it out more when we got home but it was so deep, the only possible way was to dig at the soft tissue under the nail… too much pain.

So, I tossed and turned all night, it was throbbing. I did not want to go to the ER, seemed silly and not emergency like, so I waited until 9am when the local “urgent care” facility opened… and btw, being in that place reminds me we DO need healthcare reform… people simply cannot afford the care we need…  guy next to me had no insurance, he could not afford the upfront cost, they said to go to the ER, which would charge him thousands, and bill him later but they could not turn him away there.

We all  know how that ends…

I digress….

I was taken in the doctor and nurses were all very nice

I got this comment after my pulse was taken

“Are you a runner”


“I figured you had to be, your resting heart rate is so low, the only people like this are runners”..


Then we began, using lidocain, the doc injected 4 “numbing” points in an attempt to numb the finger, 5 minutes later she said I would feel pressure.. but no pain.


She stuck tweezers under my fingernail and I almost jumped out of the chair… PAIN.. 2 more rounds of that crap wasnt helping.. I kind of want to know why, but it never numbed my finger. All it did was limit its mobility.

So then we switched to a freezing agent, I think ethyl chloride? Well it numbed the crap out of my finger tip, but my finger nail protected the soft tissue underneath from freezing.. so the result was the same.


I asked her if I could find a way to let it grow out, she said it never would.. it would embed under the nail in that soft tissue and cause issues.

I told her we could just grit it out at this point because she told me we had no other options and that an ER would have options to cut the nail, or nerve block the hand.. I just grabbed the side of the chair, bit my shirt and told her to dig it out.

Dig she did… back and forth under my nail, I was bleeding, I was sweating, and finally she got the damn thing!

It was big, a full inch long splinter. While it feels great to have it out.. the finger is super sore from extraction process..

Then we went and bought Sheila a new car. A Sukuki SX4 Crossover. AWD power stuff, etc etc…. better car, less money, more warranty than the current one.. we win.

So, its a legs day. Good because I can’t really think about lifting weights with this hand, I rocked it out with my new Fila Gear, especially the new skeletoes wave…. reviews to come!

So, better luck moving forward, a fun story to tell, cool pictures, and a splinter free middle finger.

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