The Boilermaker15k Race Report

What:  The Boilermaker 15K is the premier event of Boilermaker Weekend. This world-renowned race is often referred to as the country’s best 15K. The Boilermaker 15K is recognized for its entertaining yet challenging course and racing’s best post-race party, hosted by the Matt Brewing Company, featuring Saranac beer and a live concert!

With 3 ice and water stops every mile, strong attention to medical detail, and crowd support like no other race, the Boilermaker 15K is an event worth training for.

The event also brings in top level elite racers including olympians and world champions.

Sheila and I decided to run this together, not care about time, and just try to have a lot of fun. I think we managed well! I had a 3 hour cardio session the day before, so it was nice to get out and stretch the legs!

The Weather:  Absolutely perfect at the start. It was overcast and about about 64 at the start with  a nice breeze. By about mile 5 or 6 the sun was out and the heat was out but we were past the big hills by his point and people had hoses out, every aid station had water and cups of ice. People handed out popsicles, sports drinks and ice cubes along the race as well to keep people cool.
Overall time: 1:28:03


Overall: 4,192 and 4,193 out of 11,360

Age Group: Sheila 229 out of 966 Eric 370 out of 784

Elevation chart: 

Elevation numbers: 

Mile reports:

1 – 9:02 – It only took us 2:20 seconds to reach the start, the crowd was awesome, and the course was a little crowded here so we just ran with the flow

2 – 9:29 – Decided to hold back knowing we had some big hills coming

3 9:15 – So much for holding back, Sheila!

4 9:45 –  Sheila CRUSHED the hill. I was proud of her just plugging up this big ole hill!

5 8:20 – Then she decided it would be a good idea to sprint down the opposite side, fun!

6 8:57 – Still going down a bit but it really evened out, but we still ran a sub 8 split

7 10:02 – The down hill speed caught up with us here, we slowed to hang on!

8 8:52 – Out in to the sun, and suddenly Shme ran super fast again, just keepin up 🙂

9 10:01 – Last mile was all sun, no shade, little wind, it was getting hot so we stopped at a water stop, Sheila grabbed some ice, and off we went.

.3 2:21 – The final stretch was packed with fans, music, cheering, and a nice downhill  finish! The popsicles –

Course Map:


High Points: 

The bus ride – the Greater Rochester Track Club charters a bus every year to this event. They take us right to the start and pick us up at the finish. It makes everything simple and easy. Well organized and awesome.

Running With Sheila – We only race together every now and then because we run different paces. We decided to not care about times and go out and run however we wanted. It was fun to just take in the race and hang out for 9.3 miles. We wore the wrong shirts.. wine and trails? Nope, This was beer and roads!


Music and crowd and fellow runners –  Awesome signs, awesome noise, awesome music, awesome bands. Just great overall support.

Check out the runners at the start

Then the “joggler”

 and… this guy. USA all the way.

Water stops – over 20 in 9.3 miles. WOW. Well done, especially as it got hotter out.

Post race party – Huge party live band (Bill Rogers showed up to say how awesome we all are (that’s like Joe Montana showing up at your bar league football game)

More kegs than you can count – Food – Good vibes.With 13,000 runners, we never waited more then 3 or 4 minutes to get more beer. Ice cold fantastic beer.


We drank a lot of beer. Ran into some friends. Danced. Had fun.


Running VS elites – This is something running has over almost any other sport. Think about it. You literally race AGAINST the professional runners. There is no way you ever get to play VS the Buffalo Bills, or step up the plate VS the Yankees… You just can’t here, we do. Same course, same race, same times.. Sometimes really great “age groupers” beat some of the pros. That is pretty cool.

Low Points: 

My phone. With sweaty hands, I could not unlock the screen past mile 4 so I could not take any more pictures until the post race. That kinda sucked.

The bathroom line – I fully expected this though. But.. here it was about 20-25 minutes long.

Thoughts moving forward: I told Sheila this was my all time favorite road race. It is a HUGE race,  great crowd, great party. I do not think she believed me about how fun it is but after she posted that she now has a new favorite race.


I am sure we will be running this again, maybe next year my friends will start to believe me and will run this race too, and then party it up after with us!


One last shot of the party before we left! Join us next year!

Now, it’s back to the trails… see you at Dirt Cheap for our next race!

One thought on “The Boilermaker15k Race Report

  1. Jamie @ couchtoironwoman

    You guys were in front of me in the beginning of the race, so weird that I didn’t notice you until you said something! Great job powering up the hill, I was definitely slower than that!

    It was a lot of fun hanging out with you after the race! Unfortunately, we most likely aren’t doing it next year since we are doing Musselman (half iron), but we’ll see!


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