When being safe isn't enough

Yesterday we received some horrible news on the local endurance athlete scene. A local tri athlete, mom, and teacher was hit, and killed by a combination of reckless drivers. Who by the way happened to be drunk. At 7:30 in the morning.

Here is the article from our local newspaper. 

Here is the actual story

A Fairport High School science teacher was killed early Sunday morning after she was hit by a motorcycle, thrown off her bicycle and then run over by a motorist on Route 250 in Penfield.

Heather Boyum, 40, was riding her bike in the shoulder at around 7:45 a.m. when she was hit by the motorcycle driven by Mark Scerbo and thrown off of the bike.

Witnesses told investigators that she hit the road and was then run over by a car driven by Scerbo’s girlfriend, 23-year-old Megan Merkel, who continued driving after the accident but was later stopped by Webster police. She was arrested for driving while intoxicated, and may face other charges.

Investigators say that Scerbo, 22, was driving his motorcycle in a reckless manner, speeding up and passing Merkel’s car and then slowing down and doing “wheelies.” Scerbo also was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital, where he was listed in guarded condition Sunday night.

Fairport Central School District Superintendent Jon Hunter said Boyum was an “outstanding” teacher and employee. A “crisis team” will be available to speak with students and faculty starting Monday, with available times to be posted on the district website, he said.

Boyum’s family declined to comment Sunday afternoon.

Ready for the worst part? Take a look at this screen shot of her facebook page.. after she was arrested and released…

I don’t want to judge.. but really I do. You and your boyfriend were drinking, driving, fooling around, and you KILLED a woman. A mother, a teacher, a hero to many, and your response is to tell those of us that are upset to “suck a dick and choke on it” ???

Really shows a lot of remorse.

The final comment that is showing on the screen shot says a LOT about this story.

“I hope you stop drinking meg, get help baby!! don’t wait till ur old like i did…..” 

I have some friends and a few family members who have had DWIs.. Many of them have never done it again, some of them have. Even if it was my wife… my opinion is you should never be allowed to drive again. Ever.

The guy on the crotch rocket.. had already served jail time for previous DWIs.. makes sense that he was out driving again. Passing on the right, on the shoulder, doing wheelies.. Screw this chump.

We can take all the precautions we want, but with people like this on the road there is not much we can do.

It is time for tougher laws, stricter sentences…

Stay as safe as you can on the roads my friends.. and pray for the family of Heather Boyum.

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