Getting away

Next week will be Sheilas first backpacking trip. When we first met, she told me there would be no way she would ever go on a camping trip without a bathroom.

Soon, she was tent camping, and then soon she was out on an island with only a pot privy for a full week. She was still not all for the real back country trips though. The days out on the trails, out in the woods.

This spring we went down and hiked  Spruce Knob in West Virginia. We stayed at a secluded campsite (that had facilities) and then started our day hike up the mountain. We were in the Monangahela National Forrest, a back country portion of West Virginia.

There is no power, there is no phone service, there is nothing except for nature, and whatever you carry in (and out). I think this is when Sheila caught the bug. As we day hiked through, we saw people out on through hikes, on extended backpacking trips, and it just seemed so nice to be away from everything this way.

We made the summit, took the usual photos, and before we were even back at our camp Sheila was talking about coming back here for a “real” trip as she began to call it.

This summer has been packed with events. We did make time next week and we are going to head down to the Alleghany National Forrest in PA. for a few days out and back style trip.

The challenge will be which gear to bring. Our tent or our hammocks (the lightest weight option). This is not a terribly long trip, or a terribly mountainous one, so I am not against carrying extra weight (it is our first BP trip together afterall) but I also know the benefit of the lightweight limited packs….

We will make those decisions this week pack up, and head out into the woods. I am looking forward to it!

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