Something new – FIT 1

On Monday August 6th and Monday August 20th I was given the opportunity to try out a fitness class here in Rochester NY called FIT 1.

FIT 1 is designed by local fitness professional Gustavo Getty-Lee Zajia. FIT 1 is an exercise class in an outdoor setting, using any means to engage major muscle groups safely, while keeping HR at or near individual’s target throughout. It will improve core strength, coordination & cardiovascular health, simply & effectively.

I have a friend who has been encouraging me to join this class ensuring me that my running performance would skyrocket with these classes. I was not convinced. I do core workouts and full body workouts at home. I push myself, I am often motivated enough to work up a crazy sweat on my own.

Well, my friend was right, this class was an intense workout, and every single move I was left thinking, “this is going to help me on the trails!!!“.

I have done some workouts, and some runs that often seem pretty pointless at the end. Not this one. 3 days later, I was still feeling the effects!

If you are looking to get in shape. If you are looking to take the next step. If you are looking for unique, fun, and smart workouts let me break down why this class is for you.

1. Professional – I could tell this was a workout designed with a purpose. The order of exercises was not random. We did not switch pointlessly through the exercises. It was creative, it was fun, but most of all I trusted the workout as I noticed it’s progression. Gustavo has held fitness certification for over 20 years and Runner Rachel Basisty agrees about the professionalism.

I was hooked after the first class. I had never worked with a more competent trainer. I continue with these classes because it compliments my goals for running very well. Gustavo knows how to target specific muscles to make you a stronger athlete and guide you to where you want to be.

2. Individual attention – The class was big enough for a variety of athletes, yet small enough for individual attention. Tweaking positions, calling out encouragement. Getting to know the members. At one point, Gustavo asked one of the classmates to add a tweak to a workout, he knew this member struggled with strength on that leg so he designed an extra bit to help fix that.

I have a passion for seeing others accomplish their personal goals, as they gain confidence to strive for more than they thought they could, be it losing 5lbs, gaining functional strength, riding 100 miles or running a marathon.I love what I do and I can only hope that it shows. (Gustavo)

3. Open to all fitness levels – The individual attention means that elite athletes to beginners will benefit. Gustavo changes the workouts to tailor the abilities of each athlete in the class. No one is left out, everyone is focused on (and called by name). Gustavo loves having beginners in the class (that was me).

Beginners can definately benefit, as the sessions are meant to strengthen the core, & inevitably show their weaknesses immediately, while giving me ammunition to help them in the future.

4. Intense – You will get your heart rate up, you will keep it up, you will KNOW you had a great workout when you are finished, and you wil use your entire body. Even trainers need training, and this group is intense enough for them.

A.C.E. certified personal trainer Oliver Del Rosario joins the class a few times a week and says it is a huge benefit to him.

 There are times when I believe I can’t do something. My brain is telling me I can’t do anymore. But when you have a trust level with a trainer you won’t listen to yourself and you’ll listen to your trainer because you know that the trainer isn’t listening to your brain, he is listening to your body and that he will always keep you safe. Without a trainer, it is really hard to push yourself past the point where you think can go but not far enough to hurt yourself. Between those two points is where you make gains. Hands down this class is incredible from the cost/value, to the trainer, the energy, the people, and the positive atmosphere.

5 -Group work for motivation – Gustavo believes in group fitness – I found myself pushing harder than I would have because people were around me. I would not have pushed it the way I did without the group.

I love the energy of a group. How a beginner can benefit next to a highly trained athlete. It also affords me to touch 1 on 1 with people that wouldn’t normally hire me as a trainer for financial reasons.

Rachel Basisty agrees

The group is what makes this possible. Everyone encourages each other to take the workout one step further and out of your comfort zone. That moment when you feel like giving up and the person next to you is grimacing, you can’t drop out, you need to stick it out too!

So, where can you find out more information?

Check out the FIT 1 page on Facebook here or email Gustavo Directly at

What is the cost?

1 class is $10.00

5 classes are $40.00

10 classes are $75.00

1 on 1 personal training like this would cost at least 10 times as much with certified fitness experts.

What about location?

The classes rotate throughout the area. Some classes are at the beach in Charlotte, some are in the high falls area, some are at Cobbs Hill, Highland park, etc all offer a unique and challenging experience and backdrop for a fitness class.

If you are interested in an amazing workout, with a motivating group, and highly qualified fitness expert then FIT1 might be for you. If you are looking to improve in ANY sport, FIT 1 might be for you. If you are looking for amazing training, at a great cost, FIT 1 might be for you.

Get in touch with Gustavo, come on out and try a class! You might be sore the next few days, but I promise, you won’t regret it.

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