20 miles annnnd BONK

Woops.. something went terribly wrong on my run today.. hydration hydration hydration?

Between mile 14 and 19 of THIS

Mendon Ponds Elevation

I had my first ever “bonk” if you will. I felt off from the get go, I probably should have called it quits around mile 13.. I didn’t. I paid for it.

So what happened.

1. stopped sweating

2. stopped peeing

3. Got goosebumps

4. Got really cold even in the sun

5. Cramped in my right calf, right hip so bad that I almost fell over

6. Walked the final mile

The hills had us walking even on mile 3 – These trails are no joke.

So I tried to sit after mile 20, I couldn’t. Everything locked up in painful cramps. Lisa gave me an S-CAP, I drank and drank and drank… and now I am in recovery mode.

I drank 2 full 18 oz bottles of gatoraide and about 3 liters of water DURING the run. I had some energy chomps, everything I should have done I did do.. and for the first time in my life I was introduced the dreaded BONK. Not from lack of carbs or energy, but clearly I ripped through my hydration faster than ever before.

I are right, I drank right.. Sometimes it happens. So right now, its couch time, feet up water, water, water!

Next week we run long again. Recover for now!

Has this ever happened to you? Ever struggled through? Did you stop? Leave me a comment!

3 thoughts on “20 miles annnnd BONK

  1. Jonathan Auyer

    So sorry to hear about your BONK. Its crazy how quickly dehydration can put you on your ass. Hopefully you can sit it off, get some rest, and learn how to deal with it if happens again. Wish you all the best mate.


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