Redemption in the rain

Last Saturday, I went out and bonked.. You can read about that here. This Saturday I had another 20 miler on schedule. Mother nature had a crazy storm on schedule. We drove out to Seneca Park to hit some trails and fight the rain. There was no way I was not completing my 20 as strong as I started. It was important for me to get out there and have a good strong run. Rain be damned!

Seneca Park has the reputation of being an “easy” trail, but when you get off the walking path, and onto the single track you get a ton of this.

We started under the threat of rain, and it did not take very long to start getting soaked. That doesn’t matter when you are out with friends and having fun in the mud!

We got soaked, we climbed hills, we played in the mud, we spooked a number of deer, we fought off a bunch of angry bees, and all in all had fun and took in same amazing rainy views alone out on the trails!

This was my fastest trail 20 miler to date, just around 3:40. And again to the people who say Seneca Park has “Easy” trails, This is our elevation chart from yesterday, not many huge climbs, but not much in regards to “flat” The hills at Seneca Park can be deceptive.. They eat you alive 20 miles in.

On our final loop we decided to have some fun and explore some trails that very few people in Rochester even know are around. We ran down to the river, took some awesome pictures from the gorge, and then ran back up and ran along the backside of the Rochester Zoo and were greeted by a few nifty animals. Check out below to see how it went.

I am most excited to say this completed back to back to back 20 milers and I feel like I am starting to get ready for this 50k in November. I have spent considerable time on trails building up my core and my mind. It feels right to go out there and finish a run strong instead finishing it with cramps and sickness like last weekend!

What is the coolest thing you have ever seen on the trail? Can you beat seeing an elephant???



So there you have it, a rainy wet, fun, challenging and redemption filled Saturday morning! What did you accomplish this weekend? And really.. Elephants?? Cool stuff #trailsROC

6 thoughts on “Redemption in the rain

  1. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    Love getting in a solid redemption run. And elephants? Now that’s a new one. Most animals I’ve seen are pretty typical (deer, raccoons, rabbits, geese) but I did see a bobcat about 4 months ago. Now that’ll make you pause for a minute!


  2. Jamie @ couchtoironwoman

    Looks like you guys had a great run! I don’t think I can top seeing an elephant, but I can tie it since we ran there before 😉


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