Trails, Gotye, Butterflies, and Beer

This weekend we made a nice road trip down to southern Maryland to visit friends. We decided to run at St. Marys River State Park while we were there! I needed to squeeze in a long run and Sheila and Charlie were willing to each run a loop with me so I was not alone.

The park had a beautiful, well maintained trail that meandered on a 7.5 mile loop around the 250 acre St. Marys Lake. The trail was beautiful, well maintained, and full of rocks and roots!

On the first lap we passed a few dog walkers, a few runners, and I even spotted a mountain biker taking on the tough terrain! The second lap more people were out, some more runners, more walkers, and a few more bikers. This would be a tricky trail for novice Mountain Bikers but a really nice trail for those with a bit of experience.

The trail was shared use. Which I love, but it also inevitably means horse crap everywhere. Why is expected that I pick up after my dog with his little poops and it is entirely acceptable for horse owners to leave gigantic piles all over the trails? It is a problem in NY, and it was a problem in Maryland as well. Anyone got any thoughts on this?

I pride myself on being a pretty sturdy runner… I almost NEVER fall. Once on the ice last season during the Snow Cheap trail series.. That was at night.. on trails… in the winter.. on ice.. with my spikes at home.

This was a nice day, no wind, no rain, no mud, no nothing.. I bit t he dust 2 times super hard, and I also “almost” went down another 4. I feel like I spent more time saving myself from falling than I did running.

It could have been the late night arrival (after 2am in Maryland), combined with an early wakeup.. 7:30am run. It could have been a new trail with me trying to find awesome pictures, or maybe it was my first long run in new shoes (the Merrell Barefoot trail glove) which I am not entirely sure are the right shoe for me. Whatever it was, the falls, almost falls, and stumbles beat me up and spit me back out.

The trails won this round. I loved them none the less. I got in my 15 miles, I ran the 2nd half of each loop faster than the first half of each loop.

I had a blast though. Running the first 7.5 miles with Charlie was a great way to catch up. Charlie and I went to high school together, he was the best man in our wedding and we do not get to see each other as much as I would like because we live about 8 hours apart. The 2nd lap I ran with Shme and Picasso. Picasso of course decided that every creek crossing and puddle would be his own personal swimming hole!

Shaking off

We went back to the house, cleaned up, watched some football, drank some beers, and relaxed. Even this butterfly showed up to take in the beers.

Sunday Charlie and Jenn took us to see Gotye in concert at this really cool venue in Columbia Maryland. Sheila really liked the opening act Missy Higgins.

After that, it was along ride home again.. in which we realized.. there are about 25 songs on the radio that everyone just plays over and over and over. Lame.

So in short.

Drove to Maryland

Got there late

Woke up early

Ran awesome trails

Merrells are still being evaluated

Fell a lot

Drank some good beer

Watched football

Went to concert

Had a blast with great friends.

Successful weekend!

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