Less is more 33 items of clothing.

Sheila recently shared this post with me called Real Men Dress with Less. The premise is to have 33 items of clothing that will comprise your wardrobe  for 3 months to see if you can make it work. The link above points out a few very successful men that keep it simple with clothing.

Sheila sent this to me because my wardrobe is really simple and it made her think of me.

I have the following:

1 pair of black pants.

1 pair of khaki pants.

1 pair of heavy duty “get shit done”  cargo pants.

2 pairs of jeans.

1. linen suit

1. grey suit

1 pair of black shoes and brown shoes.

The following polo shirts – Red, blue, black, orange, green.

2 Dress shirts – white, yellow.

2 blazers – Khaki and navy blue.

2 graphic t-shirts

1 “School #34” hoodie, which I can wear on Fridays when it is cold enough to wear a hoodie.

I wear the same thing each day. Example.. Every Monday is black pants, blue shirt, black shoes…

I also have a “gasp” reversible belt… brown and black. It’s fancy, I ain’t too proud.

I love it, I never have to think about what I am wearing or when. I never have to worry about what matches or doesn’t. I simply pick that days combo out, and out the door I go. It’s really liberating. The other thing is. NO ONE noticed. I did it for 6 months initially as an experiment. After 6 months I told a co-worker, who had a desk about 3 feet from me and another who shared a room.

They did not believe me. I began to point it out, and all they could do was laugh. (yes you Erica and Tom) Holla. SHOUT OUT.

I guess the point of this is, we have been working on a “less is more” life philosophy, and I have been doing this for sometime before we started thinking like that. I think I could get by with a lot less than we currently have, but as of now it’s going well.

When I moved here I had my furniture, and 5 big blue plastic totes. That was my life.. all in totes. I am cool with that.

Where do I struggle with this though? Running stuff. Mainly sneakers.

I have 4 hoodies (I can cut down on this).

The majority of my clothes are running and hiking clothes (tech shirts) they stink if you wear em all the time when you run.

So about 10 tech shirts. 2 pairs of running shorts. a few tshirts for after runs and 3 pairs of hiking shorts….

So there you have it. What does all of that look like?

Here you go. An entire multi season wardrobe… and running clothes… and shoes… all in the following 2 photos


I challenge you to try this. Try making your WORK wardrobe just 33 items for 3 months. The guidelines are HERE.

Have fun with it, see what can mix and match if you are nervous of being “boring”. Then, for 3 months live simple and free..Especially considering doing something like this is a luxury that not everyone has. We get to choose to cut back when others do this because it’s all they have. Appreciate the opportunity.

What have you got to lose? Other than some “Stuff”.

EDIT Just did a count… ALL of my clothes.. including hats, and all running stuff and footware… 85 items… thats not too shabby!!!

One thought on “Less is more 33 items of clothing.

  1. shme

    So I’ve been checking out some fashion blogs recently about this thing called 30 for 30, where you take 30 pieces of clothing/shoes/accessories, then you remix the items into different outfits for 30 days. It’s really cool. So here’s a couple links for the ladies, too!

    http://www.kendieveryday.com/2010/07/30-for-30-again.html (the rules for 30 for 30 and some suggestions and Kendi’s blog is pretty awesome)

    http://www.puttingmetogether.com/p/building-remixable-wardrobe-series.html (a really great blog with all kinds of tips for how to remix clothing and build a better wardrobe)

    I am thinking about doing a 30 for 30…or at least 15? haha Anyone wanna join in?


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