Family Matters

During the course of last week we decided to have a 60th birthday party for my mom, surprise style. We knew she wanted some sort of party, so we had to figure out when and how.

I called my brother and my dad and a few of my moms friends and we decided that this Saturday would work best.  Sheila and I were coming in from out of town and we were going out to dinner with their dinner group anyway.

With the help of a few of my moms friends and family (Patty Strong who helped with the list, and Debby Gessner who helped with the logistics, and Mark and Jess who helped with the house!) we came up with a plan and somehow in a few short days we managed to get 40 people together for the surprise. She was shocked,didn’t see it coming and we had a fun night with good food, drinks, and friends.

A few times I was able to sit back all by myself and really take everything in.  In our lives we always get caught up in the “Drama” around us. I am just as guilty as anyone…  Yet everything it took to organize, to email, to make phone calls and plan all seemed to be worth it.

When I looked around everyone was laughing, everyone was talking, everyone was having fun. We do not always get enough time with people as we want or expect. Life makes sure of that. I think it is important and valuable to take these moments for what they are. To appreciate the company of those around us. This party with all its different groups of people. Family, friends, neighbors, work friends, gym friends, etc all in one place reminded me of that. It reminds me that people are more important than things.

That memories are more important than status. I didn’t care who was in that house. Who had a PhD and who had a high school diploma. Who was a CEO and who was a factory worker. What I did know, is we were laughing, hugging, and sharing stories with each other.

On Sunday Sheilas family came over to my parents house to watch the Bills lose, and again it was the same feeling. Some weekends we come in and we stress about who is going when and where. This weekend we were able to simply enjoy the company of those around us. It was an nice refresher, and a reminder of the value of family time.

Thanks to all who helped make this weekend a success.

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