Meeting Mike Wolfe and other fun in Victor

This weekend The North Face opened a new store in Victor, NY about 20 minutes south of our house. Across the street from the store is the trail head to pick up the Seneca Trail.


I had an opportunity via TrailsRoc and The North Face Victor to meet Mike Wolfe a North Face Endurance team member and world class ultra runner. My runner spotlight from that interview is here.

I arrived early and was able to check out the trail ahead of time as well as Historic Valentown Square



One thing that is so awesome about the running world, specifically the trail running world is that the elites are often just like those of us who give it our all on local weekend races. They run the same trails, with the same shoes, and the same nutrition.

Mike Wolfe giving #TrailsRoc a shoutout

They run for the same reasons. They are almost always down to earth people who just love to run. Mike Wolfe was no exception to this.

Besides being up for sitting down and spending time for the interview, he also was leading a trail run on the Seneca Trail.


I decided since I already had spent about 30 minutes with Mike prior to the fun run, I would not try to hang out with him during the actual run. I went off with Mike and Jamie from Couch to ironwoman and then decided to branch off and start taking photos. I ran when I wanted, I stopped when I wanted.


I was stopped taking pictures when Mike his wife, her brother and his wife, and Jeanne (a local runner) came around a bend. I snapped 2 quick photos, and then decided to join them for the run back. They were instantly interested in what we were up to, asked a lot of questions (which is always nice) and we chatted. After about a half mile, I decided to pass them and head off on to grab more pictures, but Mike came along at the faster pace. So for about another half mile I was able to run with just him.


Just me and an Ultra running star cruising along the Seneca Trail in little Victor NY chatting it up like old friends. We talked about shoes (he is wearing the New Balance 1010 that I reviewed yesterday). He loved the trail. He ran Mendon on Friday night and told me he loved those trails as well. We talked gear, races, we talked about how I broke my camera tripod before he got there (long story). And then the run ended.


I had a blast. I have said this before, but this is like meeting someone like Peyton Manning, and then starting a pick up football game with him and having all of our friends join in at some local park. Those things just don’t happen in other sports. They happen every single weekend in the running world.

I had a blast during the entire process. The North Face staff were great to work with. Mike was awesome to run with. Everyone on the trails seemed to be having a great time! Good job The North Face and thanks Mike Wolfe for running with us!

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