Thanksgiving, the fittest day in America?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which I am pretty sure everyone is aware of at this point. It is a day of overeating. Of sitting on the couch watching football. A day to drink beer and wine. A day to eat 3 desserts just because they are there. It is a day to be a glutton.

Or is it?

A co-worker and I today were talking, and I think that maybe, just maybe, Thanksgiving might be the “fittest” day in America.

Whaaat? HOW? 

Before you call me insane… think about it.

What other day is so full of races? Huge runs? In many cities these runs will be the largest organized race of the year. Rochester has 2 Turkey day races. Buffalo has a MASSIVE thanksgiving day run which dwarfs it’s marathon/half marathon efforts.

There are lots of Shamrock runs (not on the same day) There are lots of Santa Shuffles, all spread out through December. There are lots of firecracker 5k’s, which tend to be under 1,000 runners and not all cities do it on the actual 4th.

The Turkey trots though, they all fall on Thanksgiving day.

In addition to the tens of thousands in our cities that are out there racing, running, and walking, there are countless football reunion games going on. Countless people hitting the gym the morning of to stay fit, countless people kicking a ball around or shooting hoops as friends and family come together.

So sure, we eat like heck later on that day, but I like to think of Thanksgiving as a fit filled day!

Sheila and I love traditions. We run the morning of every holiday, it’s a great way to start the day. We have run with others, we have run alone, the dog always joins us. This year we will be running trails with the #TrailsRoc crew very early.

If you want to join us, please do. 6:30 am at Ellison Park – Blossom Road parking lot. 4 miles – trails – Bring a headlamp.

So, what do you think, is Thanksgiving the fittest day in America? If not, what is?

Do you have any fitness traditions like our holiday runs?

Leave me a comment, let me know!

One thought on “Thanksgiving, the fittest day in America?

  1. I don’t know about it being the most fit, I’m pretty sure I have always over compensated from all of my Thanksgiving Day runs every year. I did the Race with Grace for a lot of years with family friends that we also shared the rest of the day cooking and eating with. They have moved, and the 10K race has lots its fun because of that. Looking forward to what could turn into a new tradition of running at Ellison this year.
    While I wonder if it is really the “fittest” I bet we could also make the case that it is the day of the year that the more people run with groups of families and friends than any other day of the year. That might be what makes it the best running day of the year.


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