Thursday Night Fun Run

Last night our Thursday night trail group decided to have a little fun. We ran about 2.8 miles on the trails at Cobbs Hill. We ended it with a climb up and over a 30 foot tall 100 foot long giant pile of leaves.

The kid in  me came out as I jumped, hopped, and flopped my way down the pile. Brought back some awesome memories of being a kid playing outside.

We then decided to take a run from the park, venture off of the trails and onto the roads to go check out the Park Avenue Holiday Open House.

The what?

The Fourteenth Annual Park Avenue Holiday Open House takes place on Thursday, November 29th this year, from 5-9 pm. Holiday lights will be shining on local Park Avenue businesses, and Santa is due to make a stop. In addition to the holiday lights, there will be live entertainment, crafts, and holiday treats available. Horse-drawn carriage rides, costumed holiday characters, and ice sculpture demonstrations will be a part of the celebration

Yes… With a crowd full of people, Christmas carols being sung, horses drawing carriages and tons of characters, there we were, headlamped, reflective geared uped, and running!

I am sure we were a site to see. The comments came from everyone “rudolphs in training”  “look at the joggers” “Look how much fun they are having” etc.

We stopped at the Giant Park Ave Christmas Tree and got a picture taken with tigger and the tree, and then carried on our way.


We followed this up with a literal sprint for the beer. Every Thursday for the last few months we have run trails, and then hung out in the parking lots drinking beers and catching up.

These runs have become the highlight of my week. I have made so many new friends, and gotten closer with a few other friends.

Running gives me some awesome health benefits, but the relationships and the experiences outweigh those anyday!


Leaf piles

Holiday festivals




I can’t think of anything else I would have wanted to do last night!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Night Fun Run

  1. That sounds WONDERFUL! I love fun runs with friends and have just planned a 2nd annual Holiday Lights Run followed up by a cookie exchange with some of my best running girlfriends. So much fun to just ENJOY life 🙂


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