Why it matters

This weekend we spent a lot of time in Buffalo visiting my dad in the hospital. He has fought off  plenty of health issues over the years and we have spent enough time in hospitals to know those are places no one wants to be. In fact, I know his number one wish right now is to be at home.

Now, my dads health issues are mostly not his fault. He has had diabetes for over 30 years, and diabetes does a number on almost anyone. Yet it gets me to thinking every time that we visit that health is so important. That being able to stay healthy  may be the most important thing you can do.

When people say things like “why do you run?” or “whats the point?” I rarely talk about the health benefits of my running. I usually tell them about how much I love it, how it clears my head, how it makes me happy, how the relationships are awesome etc etc.

The thing is though, as we age, those of you who are asking  me now “why?” very well may be saying “I wish I had” later on.

It does not have to be about running a sub 3 hour marathon, or an 18 minute 5k.

It does not have to be about competing in a figure or bodybuilding contest.

It does not have to be about riding a century ride, or competing at a high level in your local sports league.

What it should be about is the longevity of health that you can give yourself (or hold yourself back).

When I interviewed Krissy Moehl for TrailsRoc – One of the things that she pointed out to me that the morning we spoke, she had run with a 70+ year old man. He was out on the trails, running and loving life. While my fathers ailments are mostly no fault of his own, many others in the hospital with him are there simply because they do not did not take care of themselves.

What we do now matters.

I know I may end up some day in the hospital sick and down and out, yet I like the chances of avoiding that lifestyle by trying to eat healthy, by always exercising, by surrounding myself with people who agree with me on that and encourage me to stay that way.

So, yes, it matters. Get out there and move. Find your exercise and do  it. Find your healthy food kick and utilize it.

You likely have the choice of health later in life or not. The percentages say you should chose it now, because later might not be there for you. Don’t be an ” I wish I had” person, be the 70 year old out on the trails.

2 thoughts on “Why it matters

  1. Heather@Just a Colorado Gal

    Love this. So many people assume that I exercise to stay “thin” but this is really what it’s about– I want to have kids one day and I want to live a long, healthy life to see my future generations flourish. Amen.


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