It's good to see you

This weekend we went to Buffalo and we got in a solid 15 mile run in West Seneca – I always feel like I am going to run into someone I know when we are home running – but the chances are slim.  The day turned out to be beautiful with 40 degree temps and clear skies and sunshine. When we started though – It was 6. Yep. 6 degrees.

You've been Nemo'd

The snowfall from Nemo was beautiful – You’ve been Nemo’d yep… It’s a verb now.

Smokes Creek in West Seneca

With that said – I snapped a few shots of that snow and then we spent some time with family.

That's one cool dog

We were speaking with Sheila’s Oma and she said something that rang true – She had asked how my parents were – I said as good as to be expected and she said this;

“I have realized you should only say “it’s nice to see you.”   When you say “how are you”, people will tell you. Everyone has something bad going on and that’s what they tell you – So I keep it simple and just say “It’s nice to see you”, because it is – Then everyone can be happier”

I thought about how awesome that was -How true that was. Then I thought, “Isn’t that how we are as runners” ? Running is sort of a culture of talking of our aches and pains – Of what went wrong – of where we can be better.

“My calf is really acting up”

“Yeah – I pulled my quad early in that race”

“I just don’t feel it today”

“Legs feel like cement”

So from now on, as interested as I am in what ails you – I will try to keep it simple. It’s nice to see you. It’s nice to run with you. We are out there running – we are out there enjoying the gifts we have been given. Let’s try to stop filling it with complaints (guilty as charged).

Who is in? If you are – Next time you run with me let’s keep it simple – because the truth is – It will be nice to see you!

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