The decision to not ultra

Currently my newsfeed is FULL of fellow runners completing epic ultra runs. Welden just finished burning river 100 miler (in less than 24 hours) – Sean just did 36 miles an out and back of the Crescent. A lot of friends are prepping for the new Twisted Branch 100k (which looks to be an awesome event).

Ultras are long

In real life, things are full of ultra too. Sheila put in a few 50 mile weeks as she preps for the Virgil Crest 50 miler. As I hike the trails in my recovery I am surrounded by folks who are planning night runs to be prepared for the night time hours of an ultra run, and others reveling in the long miles and the ultra shuffle

Hell, even my time with #TrailsRoc has suddenly been converted to directing an ultra as we get set to kick off the Mighty Mosquito 99 in two weeks.

So everywhere I look ……..

It’s “ultra”.


I am deciding to step away from that, and I love the decision. I thrive under the lactic acid building, lung searing, work your ass off and recover then repeat style workouts. I love hitting the weights, and blasting through intervals.

I love fit1 style classes and I love running up the hills, instead of power hiking because I will have 47 more miles to go.

I also love events where I do not need water or food during them. As someone with colitis, the ultra aid station meal plan was something I was never able to be a part of. It would end a run before it started.


So – as I look forward to my return to running which I am hoping by the week of August 2nd to start something – I wanted to pick a few races I thought I would do reasonably well in.

I will tackle the Ossian Mountain race.  The 4 miler because I will only have been back for 1 month at the time – This means that I will have gone almost 13 months since my last race. Eternity in the racing world.

Time to sprint some hills
Time to sprint some hills

I will then train hard (and smart) all of September and October and then race again in November

I will RACE the 10k at the Mendon Trail Runs – This race has been around for a while – The RD is awesome, the fees go to a good organization and I have a love hate with relationship with the course. It sets up for a perfect first race back for me and I am excited by that.

for the joy of running
for the joy of running

So there it is. No ultra for me in the future. This gives me time to train hard and still help out with those idiots running for 5+ hours at any given time!

Also… I’ll pace you – Who could want more than that!?!

To the trails.

Call it a comeback

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