And then it rained.

Yesterday was the Ossian Mountain Run – Part of the #TrailsRoc, Trail Runner Of the Year series. It’s a classic mountain race in a sense that it goes up a ski slop – down a ski slope – up a ski slope – and down a ski slope.

Thanks Valones for this photo
Thanks Valones for this photo

It has rocks – it has roots – It has great views of the valley below. It has pretty much everything a mountain race should have except above the tree line runs -I said mountain, not sky run though!

Yesterday was also the funeral for my Great Aunt Harriet. She passed a few weeks ago but folks were out of town and they delayed the funeral to this weekend leaving Sheila and myself out of town.

So often running proves to be a metaphor for life, and today was no different. Combining running and the mountains will really give you an opportunity see the truth in that.

The race went off with no fanfare – A simple “go”. A chance to sort out before heading to the single track – and then instantly going up the side of the mountain in a steady rain that never let up.

Credit : Mike Mertsock

Today some things became clear – Just like in life, sometimes you are challenged (the up hills) sometimes you have a ton of fun (the down hills) and sometimes you don’t meet your goals – You can’t always do it all. I was able to run downhill today as well as, if not better than anyone I saw. I couldn’t go uphill though. Not at all.

The same thing is happening in life as I have come to realize I cannot do it all.

I was not at Aunt Harriet’s funeral yesterday – Not something that was lost on me.

The rain felt like a good cleansing though. As I climbed. Soaked. Surrounded by friends. I let my mind wander and made some really solid internal decisions. I knew Sheila was back at the start/finish area making sure everyone had everything they needed. Cheering, helping, doing what we do. Having an opportunity to be out on the trails with others was something I haven’t done in forever.

Yesterday would serve as a good reset for me.

It has been over a year since I have raced.

13 months…..

Some people say “All you do is run.”

Over the past year I hardly ran though.

I directed races. I got a promotion at work. I designed new programming. I started Trail Methods. I began coaching. I crewed and paced and aid stationed. Last year we went to Buffalo 20+ times in 12 months. I gave Sheila shots in the stomach, I even jizzed in a cup a few times as we took on fertility problems. I missed an opportunity to go to Europe. I sat in Doctors offices. I sat in massage therapy offices – I had a man with dreads crush my groin weekly – Yeah…..

What I didn’t do much of was run.


Not with a purpose. I ran slow. I ran with no intention. I ran just to be around people and burn some stress.

Yesterday all of that past year got washed away. In a downpour on a mountain surrounded by a community that I feel so much a part of. I am sure Aunt Harriet of all people would understand that.


I get a fresh start. Not everyone does.

I intend to make the most of mine.

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