50 miles

Last week I spent the week writing fun stories and sharing funny photos of Shme as she went through the final week leading up to her first crack at a 50 mile race.

I wanted to take a quick minute here to say just how proud I am of the effort. 50 miles. That’s a long way to go. Add in 12,000 feet of climb. 12,000 feet of descent and you have one bitchin course that eats people alive and spits em back out a shell of themselves.

Not with Sheila though – All day long she attacked that course and never an inch.

What I was most impressed with outside of the training, training in which she never skipped a run, never skipped a hill, was her focus on race day.

50 miles takes a lot of time and there is time in there to let your mind wander and totally lost focus. She never did. Each segment had a “time goal”. She hit all of these except the challenging alpine loop (tons of climb) and one section after the alpine loop when she needed some time to recover.

She came in to each aid station with a smile and left each one with a look of determination. The best part. There were no fake smiles. No “oh here is the camera let me pretend I am having fun”

She smiled and it was real. I hate when I see people post pictures of how much they love running, but they seem so miserable if the camera isn’t there. It drives me nuts. Own who you are! Sheila did – She is a great distance runner and the smiles prove her day was for her and she was loving it.

Doesn't get more real than this.
Doesn’t get more real than this.

But the determination was even more impressive. Each aid station had a purpose. A pre-planned purpose. In, food, drink, leave. In change shoes, food, drink, leave. Never did she stick around and hang out, browse the ultra menu, sit down and chat. She was focused.

Her ultimate goal was to come in at or under 13 hours. Respectable by anyone on that course to say the least – She came in late to the final aid station. I almost expected a little let down, but she came in literally at a sprint. Changed her shirt, and took off onto the trail. Less than 1 minute was spent in the final aid station.

She came in if my math is correct about 19-20 minutes over the time she wanted for a 13 hour finish. When we she crossed the finish line the clock said 13:14. She made up 5-6 minutes in the final stretch. 44 miles in to the race. Further than she had ever run she was making up time.

What a finish!
What a finish!

That is the definition of mental strength. That is a runner who had a goal, trained for it, and then dug deep.

So here I am writing about how proud I am. Honored to have been the crew for this effort. There is no one else I would rather spend a day chasing around aid stations with than her.

Great run, Shme! Now – On to Mendon!

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