I tripped at the top

Yesterday was the American Lung Association “Fight for Air Climb” in Rochester NY –  We ran up the Legacy Tower in downtown Rochester.

I was invited to race with the team from our local running store. Medved Running and Walking has a strong history at the event so I was happy to join them and do my best to help the teams overall standing.

We were seeded right near the front of the race and I went off as the 17th climber. Every 30 seconds they send a runner up the stairs. My goals, catch someone – Don’t be caught. Managed both!

It’s harder than it looks though…. I guess one of the ideas is that just like the ice bucket challenge, it shows participants if just for a minute what it is like for those with breathing problems to get some air.

I started conservatively – and I wonder if I should have because by the time I was forced to walk – I could have been further along and the event is so short it may not have mattered.

I took the steps 2 at a time except for 1/2 of one of the floors where I used a nice slow single walk to recover, then carried on my way again.

My finishing time of 3:30 was good enough to help our team win overall. I had no idea what to expect but next year I will do better.

I think this event fit in with the things I want to do moving forward. Shorter – faster – quicker events.

This event was totally different from anything else I have done in the past and I am looking forward to seeing if I improve when we climb it again next year.

Oh and about that title? I climbed all the way up with no issues – and tripped over my own two feet at the finish line.


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