Frugal Friday: Snowshoes

Intro:  Winter might be making a late entrance this year but I assure you it will get here. When it does I will be strapping some wonderful winter fun to my feet and getting out there to enjoy the snow. There are running snowshoes, climbing snowshoes, recreational snowshoes and back country snowshoes. Oddly enough as much as I refuse to collect gear we have snowshoes for all of the categories. We also have them in every price point and I have put each set through tough testing.


Some details: Today in the fashion of Frugal Friday I will be writing about  a pair of snowshoes you can score for less than $100.00 and when you shop around less then 80.00. Right now on overstock you can score these  AND poles for under $70.00. If you are local the same deal can be found in Rochester are Wegmans stores. I have snowshoes that cost upwards of $300.00 so the test here is a fair one.

The Yukon Charlie is todays post. – And it’s a pair of shoes that has gone up many ADK peaks in the winter as well as easy trails in the Rochester Area.

tons of different shoes - all made the summit. Including Yukon Charlie
Tons of different shoes – all made the summit. Including Yukon Charlie

The Highlights:  

Cost – As always this leads my highlights list.

Versatility – You can buy all different sets of Yukon Charlie and all remain pretty affordable but most are pretty versatile and can handle different terrain.

Ease of use – Slide your boot in – pull the strap – walk into the woods.

Float – The shoe is rated to hold some of the bigger folk among us which is always a plus.

The groomed trails in Rochester, NY
The groomed trails in Rochester, NY

Room For Improvement – 

Binding – Yukon Charlie has yet to fail me, but when I compare the components of the bindings I always feel like it isn’t as well made as high end brands.

Grip – The crampon piece tends to be more basic and not as aggressive as I would like. Perfect for most trails.

Single track along Eastman Lake

Durability – So far we have had no issues with the Charlie. Mountains – ice – deep snow – and multiple seasons of use. They are still working and still holding up just fine.

The ice cliffs of Lake Ontario
The ice cliffs of Lake Ontario

Overall – If you have wanted to take the plunge and see if you love snowshoeing and and don’t want to overspend, this is a great option. You can purchase the Yukon for way less than trying to rent for a season or from buying a “high end” brand. I am certain once you get out there you will agree with me that they are well made, easy to use, and a ton of fun. So go ahead and get some charlie’s on your feet and let me know what you thought!

The summit of Cascade Mountain the ADK
The summit of Cascade Mountain the ADK

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