The foster care system…. wow

Sheila and I have been pretty public about our decision to serve as foster parents to refugee children. It’s not entirely related to our fertility problems but they do cross lines from time to time.

Today I received another email from the foster system outlining even more “stuff” for us to do. So let’s take a look so far at what has been done before we have even taken 1 of the classes to “learn” how to be parents.


  1. Go to informational meeting that they scheduled
  2. No one was there that night -they gave us wrong day
  3. Go to second informational meeting. Literally not one thing was mentioned that was not in the brochure we already went through. Nadda
  4. Create a welcoming bedroom upstairs and move ourselves downstairs – Now we have room for 2 kids!! cool.
  5. Get application (literally 30 pages long) fill it in including references and where we have lived for the past 22 years (that was fun remembering)
  6. Call finger print place to make appointment – They ask us what the “appt number” is – It’s blank on our form. Call system – they ask us to mail them the form – they will put number on and mail it back. Because ya know, reading that number to us over the phone would have been difficult…..
  7. Mail card to them – Get it back
  8. Call finger print place – Make appointment
  9. Go to finger print place
  10. Mail receipt back in to system….
  11. Get mail – super exciting – Open it up. Asks for our signatures so they are allowed to contact our references. For the love of god, why would you not have included that ON the sheet with the references being listed… seriously… why not?
  12. Send this form back in to the system.
  13. Send email saying “hey, whats going on, did you get everything? are we up to date? whats next
  14. Get email back saying we need to do the following.A.Classes will begin on March 31st at 6:00pm (we gotta do like 10 of these)  We will receive a letter of confirmation requesting a response.B. Receive medical questionnaire which will require that you take to your primary physician and have a PPD Test.  (which means 2 visits to the doctor – 1 for the test 1 for it to be read)

    C  Register for First Aid/CPR.  Only one of you have to be registered for CPR.

    D. Schedule initial interview –

    D Schedule initial home visit – Which they actually call an “inspection”

    In the mean time – 2 kids are sleeping in tents, cold, lonely, eating U.N. Food supplies and wondering when  life might take a turn for the best for them…..

Let’s just keep those kids waiting though- There’s no hurry.


One thought on “The foster care system…. wow

  1. So I listened to the most amazing amazing TED talk yesterday that would be relevant to this! They were discussing the federal immigration process’s inefficiencies and how they’re working to create working websites that streamline things and make it easier to understand.

    I’m so sorry that they’re putting you through the wringer but I’m so impressed that you’re sticking with it. ❤


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