1 pack and the emerald isle

Last week I was sitting on the couch looking at races from all over. I do this all the time to see if there is anything that we can add to our events that would improve them for runners. I came across 2 races. One in Peru that looked amazing, and then one in Ireland that looked amazing.

I told Shme I found a really cool mountain race in Ireland. Her response; “Ireland has Mountains?”



Yes, and they are supposed to be stunning. I have never been there myself. Then I started thinking, could we afford to go this summer? Last summer we were supposed to go on a huge road trip that got cancelled – so this could be the replacement.

I looked at airfare and it was oddly affordable.

I told Sheila and she looked at me like this was crazy- I chatted online a bit with some people, then looked at her and said. “If we don’t do this now, it’s unlikely we ever will.”

She agreed- 10 minutes later I looked up and said “It’s booked – we are going.”

So there is is.


This summer.

For 2 weeks.

On July 6th we will race the Ballinastoe 12k and then on July 10th we will race the Croagh Patrick for our anniversary. A 7k Mountain Race on our 7th anniversary. Perfect.


We will be outfitted for the trip with some of the best gear Columbia Sportswear has to offer – The catch – Fitting it into one 22l pack.

We will be living out of this pack for 2 weeks in Ireland. We have decided that we don’t want to be bogged down with gear and luggage so we will bring the most versatile and favorite pieces.


Let the planning commence – Let the mountain running training get underway – Let the name trails2brews really find its home in 2 races sponsored by real Irish Pubs!

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