The vultures circled

This weekend we went out to get GPS measurements and elevation charts for the first 20 miles of the Many On The Genny course. We have what we hope will be our “final approval” meeting in less than a month so we want everything to be on point.

I have been running much better lately – my stomach has been handling the work load better than it has in the past 5-6 years (Many thanks to Natalie from Happy Belly Nutrition for giving me the “what to do” ) and many more to Shme for cooking it all for me each week. If things keep going this direction I will be pretty satisfied!

Back to Letchworth though – The course is a beautiful mixture of trails. I mean you literally feel like you are running through “zones”. Let’s recap them.

Open hard pack runnable stuff –

Seriously tight, legit single track –

Open downhill with the softest “sticky” dirt ever –

Creek Crossing and a climb back out on shale and stone along side a beautiful waterfall –

After this you hit a road section – uphill of course –

Huge long downhill almost all the way down to the Genesee River on single track and washouts –

Rain Forest – for real –

Leaving the rain forest you enter “lincoln logs” a section with washed up logs from one of the biggest floods the river ever had.

Finally you make the huge climb on a logging road- about 300-400 feet back out of the river to the road –

Grassy single track –

Dirt single track –

Then the gorge trail with about 15 amazing views of the 600 foot deep gorge –

bridges –

stone stairways – tons of them

There are close to 15 “different” types of trail you will be on. You won’t get bored… except those 2 road miles.. oooof.

OK – So let’s get back to the run. I was having a great run, great time. But also consistently running out of water of sweating like a swamp monster. Eventually around mile 10 – I was flat out. Dehydrated – pissing dark yellow – In danger of having bigger issues.

I decided to hike the final miles (1. to stay alive haha, and 2. to test our cut off) If I could run 10 miles and then hike the rest inside the time limit for race day we would have more details to give at our meeting on the appropriateness of the times we have in place for the event.

When I hit the gorge trail the sun was high in the sky – The park was loaded with visitors and I was trudging along.

That is when I noticed them…… Enjoying the sun, and riding the updrafts out of the gorge…… The infamous Letchworth turkey vultures.


I pretty much had to laugh because the way I felt and the condition I was in, and suddenly these guys circling overhead… Well, it was a bit too much.



I laughed – chugged some water – said “Not today bird” as they sat there, just staring at me and singing…… Or maybe I was doing the singing….. It’s hard to remember

I picked up the pace – and hiked it home pretty hard- On those trails never hiking with a pace over 20 mins per mile is hard work but I kept it way lower than that most of the time which I am happy about.

So some take aways.

  1. The course is simply amazing. I love what we are/have created
  2. I am going for some extra doctors visits to figure out the sweat factor (need advice on what kind of doc to see)
  3. I could have ditched and caught a ride back to the cars at any point. I never did. Each time I had that chance I tucked back on to the gorge trail and kept plugging
  4. Stairs are tricky and this course has plenty – Not Cayuga Trails plenty – but I would say you are upwards of 500 over the course of the day.
  5. Not today bird – Not today.

So I will continue this fake 5k training I am doing. Knowing my long-term goal is just to be running fast and free on the trails again. 5k is about a month out. It’s been a good reset so far. Things are heading in the right direction.

Check out Many On The Genny – It’s going to consume our free time in the very near future and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

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