Powder Mills Park Ski Hill Challenge

On Sunday, Our friend Jason Vidmar hosted the first ever Powder Mills Park Ski Hill Challenge. The event was an invite only, double knock out, tournament style race on an abandoned ski hill in one of our local parks.

1/2 Way up the old hill

Each runner would randomly draw a name from the box and race that name up the old ski hill at Powder Mills Park. The style was double elimination so each runner could race at least 2 times. I ended up going 4 rounds up the hill.

                                                      the race director and his set up

The event was pretty much perfect. Jason organized it well. There was a great crew of gnarly trail runners. We had laughs and grunts and I saw people putting themselves deep into the pain cave. I got knocked out on my 4th climb – even though I technically was knocked out earlier by Ron, but he was busy making this video and couldn’t continue:

This kind of stuff just rocks back into what the world of trail running is all about and how it all started – – No cost. No website. Word of mouth. A bunch of friends showing up at a trail and blasting up and down a hill until someone was declared the winner.

Spent and injured after Sean left me in his dust
Spent and injured after Sean left me in his dust

The day was a perfect reminder to keep me grounded to the roots of what #TrailsRoc and Trail Methods should be. Friends, running in the woods, together. I blew my heel up on my final climb and am still not able to walk without pain but to be out there competing with everyone is where I wanted to be.

Even though none of us expected anything other than a hill and pain – Vidmar showed up with some killer swag for us

homemade costers and Run steep Get High  buffs
homemade coasters and Run Steep – Get High buffs
Photo Credit: Mort Nace


After the event we hung out in the parking lot laughing and joking about what we had just accomplished and then some of us headed over to The North Face in Victor for an “Unlock The Duffle” event. If you picked a key and it opened the bag you got to choose a prize out of it!


We “picked” the right key and I walked away with a sweet new mug – All in all I would say the day was a perfect success. We went home, did some gardening and relaxed/iced my sore heel to get ready for the week ahead!



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