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See all those zeros – That’s because #ThanksJay . The last time I wrote a post was after the PMP Ski Hill Challenge .

I blew up my bursa at the event, and have not been able to run a single step since. I have been on the bike a few times started back to fit1 and done strength.

My goal was to get Sheila through her 50 miler at Cayuga which she crushed on Saturday and then focus on real solid training and nutrition to get me a really competitive time at Lucifers Crossing in late August.

Despite the injury that is still the plan. There is no reason just because I cannot currently run that I should be putting everything aside.  Nutrition back on point today after a week of sympathy taper eating and drinking. Power can still be built without running up and down hills activating that pain zone on the back of the foot. I bought some braces and a boot to sleep in. I am going to be at Fit1 working my core and stablizers as hard as possible so that next week when I (hopefully) start running again everything is all set and ready for me.

I am going to stay flat and fast for a few weeks before sampling in some strong hill work. Then it’s off to Ireland to run with the Irish Mountain Running Association and then back here for a summer of CRAZY race directing prep.

O-SPF (July 16th) – Mighty Mosquito 99 (August 6th weekend) – Summer Last Man Standing (August 13th).

By then I should have lots of healthy quality miles back on my legs and will be ready for a weekend of camping and running and celebrating down at Robert Treman State Park.

So there you have it. Another week coming with ZERO in the mileage column (matching almost to the date last springs injury). All I have to say is #ThanksJay –

See ya out there soon.

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