In less than a day we leave for a hop over the pond to visit the mother land. I have never been to Europe, so we figure what better time to go than in the middle of some political upheaval #brexit style.

The best part about this trip is that we have pretty much failed to plan for any of it with any sort of “research”. We booked the airfare on a whim one night I just bought the two tickets…. Then in an “oh shoot” moment we had to check the school calendar to make sure we weren’t still supposed to be working… because… well I didn’t do that.

We rented a car – manual transmission – tiny -we saved hundreds of dollars pounds euros, by booking early and booking stick shift – Should be a fun little transition. You go left on red, correct?

We have not found a single place to stay yet – We are going to purchase a tent when we get there – and possibly leave it there when we leave. So some nights will be in our little tent – some nights will be in out little car – some nights hopefully will end at a bar. (pub)

The reality is this trip is a chance for us to get away – To leave a lot of stuff behind for a few weeks and see new things, meet new people, catch up with old world friends and maybe take a few pictures in the process.

The rest is just a bonus – So until we recap – Enjoy yourself America! PEW PEW PEW #Murica!



– Living out of this for 2 weeks –

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