And miles to go before I run

Whose woods these are I think I know….

The question no one can answer is when will I run in them again. I can promise myself this I will be running them again. I have always been way more of a social runner than anything else and this time around the injury is draining me. Everyone is off adventuring and building the base, and relationships that only miles out there can build. I feel stuck.

Even the elliptical has given some issues here and there – I like riding. It seems like such a solo effort though. I am seemingly in a gap between skill sets for riders. Way to fast for some ,way to slow for others. I also refuse to ride the roads so that really eliminates some of my options. I planned rides on the canal – greenway – lehigh valley etc…. Only one has materialized.

The doctor is moving on to an option I requested 3 months ago. Actually 3 months ago I requested surgery – To which the response was you can’t have surgery until you have gone through all of these steps –

Because insurance. Because America. (We can fix this… come on people)

So at some point this week or next (no one really knows when) I will (hopefully) get approved for my next MRI and then approval for treatment, then she will set up a time for Platelet Rich Plasma to be injected in to my tendons.  In other words, they will draw my blood. Spin the shit out of it.  Inject back in only the good stuff, directly to the tendons that are refusing to heal.


Then… the worst part. She said I would be back in the boot.

I have decided the boot to a runner is like the cone of shame to a dog.

Regardless we move on to the next step as I continue this journey back to the trails. I have withdrawn from Lucifers Crossing (my goal race) Ossian Mountain (my show everyone i’m actually back race) and it is 99% likely I will not run Sinemehone, in Emporium PA –

The doctors needle, sharp and deep

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep Run

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