The time they put a rattlesnake in my tendon

Lets start with this – I went for the MRI I had waited months for – I got in the machine. CLINK – CLANK – CLUNK – 30 seconds… Then the guy is back in the room. “What, that’s it?”

He says  Hmph – This has never happened before.

Me: What?

Him: The machine just shut down.

25 minutes, where he reboots the damn machine and the damn computer (unplug it – plug it back in)

Reschedule. Too bad. I looked sexy as hell in that gown



Boom – 3 tears in different spots, Much thickness to the tendon – Much more than tendonitis – We need a fix not a “wait and see”

Sweet. PRP.

Insurance said no.

Lets do it anyway.

Insurance then said maybe.

Doctor will write a letter – Hope she’s as good with words as me. sarcasm.

“Patient poor (not really though #middle class)- Will cut this leg off and run on the stump if procedure not approved – This will likely lead to infection and further costs for you – Don’t be financially stupid – Let’s stab this guy.” Or something along those lines.

Cool – We made the appointment. She was over an hour late. I was mad and hungry. So lets walk through this step by step shall we?

We sat in the waiting room. Then we sat in the procedure room. Then we got fitted for crutches and a boot which I would get to use for the next 2 weeks. Cool.


Then the doctor arrives. FINALLY We draw my blood (2 big ass tubes worth)


Then they take my blood to spin it. Cool news, I was informed my blood is like “liquid gold” Not the first fluid to come out of me that they said that about…… I digress. Then spun my blood.


Then the fun begins. Doctor, tech and intern come back in to the room. She tells me to lay on my belly. I say “not the first time today I have been told to do that” Literally no one laughs but me…Akward. On my belly I go.

Tech cleans the area – they hit me up with the ultrasound to check the exact spots again.


She preps the PRP to inject and says “Oh yeah, did I tell you this is going to hurt like hell?”

No – no you did not. I asked her why it would hurt like hell. She said “We can’t use anything because it stunts the healing process in the achilles tendon. I suppose we could do a nerve block from the knee, but we will just go ahead and do this without it. Just grin and bear it.”


Her to the intern “We are about to seriously torture this young man”

Me: Who?

Then they did this to me

With no pain meds – No pain block – Nothing.

I had to take that needle into my tendon 10 times. Each time in felt like you would expect. Then they would back fill that stab with my blood. That felt like a rattlesnake was injecting me full of venom each time.


The needle went in… like all the way… Here take a look at it


I eventually called it off with a tiny bit of plasma left in the syringe. I couldn’t take it anymore. She was ok with it because they put in more than they usually do anyway. I literally couldn’t take it anymore. I can’t believe there was no option of a nerve block. Shit. Jerks.

I was shaking. I was in more pain than anything before. I have severed tendons. I have broken bones. I basically cut a finger off once. I had a 1 inch sliver get jammed under my fingernail and in to the nailbed. I would choose every single one of those things over this. Combined.

Then… They had no post procedure pain med for me. Had to get to the pharmacy to pick my stuff up. I was literally shaking on the way home. I had lost any function in my foot. No toe wiggle, no ankle roll. I was basically paralyzed from the ankle down. Oh yeah and I think I died. It hurt so bad.

Finally some relief – beer – tacos – the pain settled a little. I sort of slept. It hurts. I hate crutches. I put them in the toilet 🙂


I won’t ever do this again without a nerve block or pain meds. Honestly, I do not think I could now that I know what is coming. I am really hoping this works, I am missing running. Now I am even more limited. Now I am on crutches for 2 more weeks. No bike. No swim. No hike. Just upper body, waist and up.

Maybe by November 1st I can do something cool again. Until then. I have a race to direct. I have PT to do. We have a house to sell….

And miles to go……. Miles to go…….

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