An Emerging Trail

For over 1/2 of a decade I wrote under a different blog name. 605 times I wrote something that people would take time out of their busy schedule to read. Thousands of readers, comments, and ideas flowed into the site. It was sort of my “home”.

During this time we bought a house. We tried to have kids, tried to foster kids, tried to be kids. We raised Rochester’s best race directing dog and then promptly gave him lyme disease with all of our adventures. He recovered.

We made friends and we lost friends. We lost family and eulogized them. I found myself more times than I can count, which is great considering how many times I have been lost.

I am working in a new position for the first time in 7 years. Sheila and I have launched Trail Methods to great success. We found a home in our dream location on the water with a trail less than 1/2 mile from our front (back?) door.

I needed a new start with my writing too. Things have changed around us so much and the old site no longer felt like me.

With that said, a trail will never show up one day out of the blue. Like life, trails take work, persistence, and care. They get used, they get abused, and they get fixed. Like the seasons they change from frozen to muddy to hot and to colorful. The footsteps of 1,000 users turn them into paths worth running on. Just like life.

Trails are in a constant state of change. An awful lot like me… Like life. I am ready to see what trail shows up on the horizon and what path we will take. So for now. This is my new home.

It’s simple. It has no banners – No widgets – Nothing fancy. It is… Sort of as the name suggests, emerging.


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