Always forward

Last night we were watching Luke Cage on netflix- Real quick though, can I say how awesome it is that I have gotten Sheila to watch almost everyone of these shows so far…

Anyway, back to Luke Cage. The first 3 episodes have scenes in a barbershop owned by “Pop”. Pop has a phrase he uses to help keep kids off the streets and addicts from slipping back. He says “Always Forward” Luke uses the phrase 3 times in the 1st 3 episodes to stop himself from going down the wrong path.

I instantly related to that concept. Yesterday was my first time out of the trail head on foot since my achilles procedure. I have spent more than 2 months sitting in parking lots waiting for the groups to come back in to hang out after a run.

I was unable to do much of anything post procedure. No bike, no swim, no hike, no weight bearing workouts etc.

So last night we got out and we walked. flat and slow at Durand. We went 2 miles and I just took it in. I stopped for some photos, said hello to random dogs, and we ended up back at the car far too soon. 2 miles was as far as I dared push my first hike.

Always forward.

I had no sense of annoyance as I have in the past when coming back from injuries. I have had no sense of “I should be healthier, faster, stronger” I felt more acceptance. I will be getting back to the trails in time for my favorite 2 seasons of trail running.

If I could run these dry, colorful trails that autumn in WNY gives us I would all year. For now I will enjoy them as a slower pace and look forward to the changing of colors and the winter snow that is sure to come.

Always forward.

It works perfectly in step with running concepts like “Relentless Forward Progress” Or the idea that completing an ultra happens one step at a time a thousand+ times.

Always forward.

I can’t wait to see you all out there in the woods!

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