The end of 123

Today the people purchasing our old home at 123 have their final walk through. Tomorrow at 1pm they will sign the papers and we will no longer own that house.

It is sort of fitting that my last post was titled “always forward”. That post was on October 6th and since then we have had major changes.

We moved.

To our dream house.

On a lake.


Sometimes I wake up, look out the windows at the water and think “no fuckin way”.

But there we are. So what are we leaving behind? Well, a lot really. We moved in to our old home on St. Patricks day weekend in 2008. We were young and wild.

We threw parties…

Oh man the parties.

2008 Election day -All the Derby Day parties – Pie Iron parties -birthday parties New job parties -New car parties – Cut the grass let’s get drunk to celebrate parties. “Hey come on over and let’s have a party” parties. I mean  you name it, we partied it since 2008!

832656423393 803351241213

We cut down trees – So many dead, dangerous, ugly, rotted trees. Then we planted new things. Wild flowers, grass, landscaping. It took years to make it look acceptable. I never did host the remove the stump party I always wanted….

We hosted holidays – We had both of our entire families up to our little home for a massive thanksgiving feast. We smoked a turkey and roasted a turkey. We fought, we laughed, we did everything in between.

We shoveled snow. The first winter in our house we had over 120 inches of snow. It was never ending. I love shoveling but that winter I was like “Whaaaat”.

We built a snow fort


And then had a party in it.


We tried to have a baby – Medicine and shots, and stress, and tears. No luck on that front yet. Sheila writes about it a bit here.

We tried to foster refugee children from war torn countries and government red tape and agency incompetencey stood in the way.

We founded #TrailsRoc and Trail Methods.


We fought. Some doozies for sure. What young couple doesn’t?

We loved. Like crazy. On your marriage day people say “this is the happiest day of your life”. Nope. Those days come after a long run, watching TV, or tinkering around the house with the heater kicking and the dog and Shme under a blanket taking a nap. Content.

Those days come on top of a mountain after a crazy hard climb that wasn’t finished the year before.


Those days come sitting by the campfire at the dream house on the lake that you and your best friend and pup just moved in to.

Taken with NightCap Pro. Long Exposure mode, 6.37 second exposure.

These are the happiest days of my life. Always forward, and this time with love.


So long 123 – You helped us build one hell of a foundation… And it sounds like we will need it because the roof at the new place leaks 🙂


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