What in the actual? I have been cleaning up my social media stuff – Which was long overdue, I was not however planning to clean up this blog…. I transferred everything over here on on September 21st. I did a quick glance… Scrolled through the site and saw my old posts. Or so I thought. I deleted the other page because I truly wanted a fresh start.

So yesterday I was reading a post that had a link back to an old story…. That link obviously would not work on the old site because I had deleted it so I went to look for the new link to update and could not find it.


Apparently I had transferred all of my data over the wrong way. From April 16th, 2013 through June 29th, 2015 everything was gone. Vanished. Kaput. I know it’s gone because I deleted it myself.

I do have a hidden version of the old RocTheRun blog that I store… and Maybe I will import that data here at some point. I’m not really sure.

So with that said I guess it really is a fresh start. I covered 10 miles this weekend on my own power. 1/2 on the fatbike then half running. If you want to call it running.

So there’s that. We really are starting fresh.

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