What we did this weekend

It’s been a pretty hectic schedule for us the past few months but this weekend was an adventure in and of itself.

  1. Friday night we marked the course for the WTF race. Our “Winter Trail Festival” is my favorite Rochester race. This year we gave the race away for free. Cool, #TrailsRoc

    Night time trail marking
  2. Some out of town elite dudes were planning to stay with us before the race. We hung out had dinner gave the fast people a place to sleep and pretended like we partied hard… aka in bed early.

    Fast dudes racing
    Fast dudes racing
  3. Saturday morning it’s off to the race. 6am until 5pm gone directing my favorite race. a TOTAL team effort this year and we pulled off a perfect race. Below are a few photos of the day
    6am on the trail- the rope turned into a knot... classic
    6am on the trail- The rope turned into a knot… classic race day issues.
    Bleedin orange
    One of the few flat spots on the course
    Taking on “Hell On Roots”

    The start of the 15 mile race
  4. Came home from the race and decided the lake was still not too frozen and I would take the dock out on Sunday.

    Plenty of open water
    Plenty of open water
  5. After the race we were exhausted but our Friend Pete had just come home from a long stint in Afghanistan and his wife Jen was throwing a welcome back party. Off we went for some drinks, food, and celebration. Welcome home pete
  6.  Sunday morning I went out to bring in the dock… and worst case scenario it had frozen over.. Solid enough for the dog to walk on the lake. I had to go get the ax and chop an entire circle around and under the dock to break through and bring it in.
    Ice berg dead ahead

    Now it’s a dryland dock
  7. After all of that we relaxed, watched the Bills lose again and sat around the wood stove. We burned it for a good long time this time weekend – Our first wintery night in the new place.

What else is going on? 

  1. Insurance decided to not cover my PRP procedure. Called it experimental… I am tending to agree because I don’t think it worked.
  2. My story was finally published   Thanks to Ron for some great photos
  3. Raft N Run- Join us and preview the Many On The Genny course and then raft! http://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=43142
  4. Shirts for sale– We tried to keep the cost lower on the race, and decided to sell shirts to only those who want them – Here you go. Atayne is an awesome company that has the same values we have!
  5. Waiting to see how long this injury takes to get better. Some people say 8 months to a year. I had the procedure on August 30th..Injury occurred on May 22nd. The clock ticks.


That’s it. Let’s get this week off to a great start, hopefully running on Tuesday…….. HAHAHAHHAHAHA right.

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