One more workout

Last week when I scheduled my surgery my doctor and I decided that things could not possibly get injured any worse, and that if I could handle the pain, I could workout anyway I wanted between then and my surgery. The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

That night I went to the #TrailsRoc group run and ran with them for the first time in many months. It was pouring rain and honestly it felt like I had cleansed off months of rust just being out there in the mud! The next night I went to 4performance and pushed pretty hard in class. The following day, Sheila, Picasso, and I went for our last pre-surgery run together just the 3 of us on a beautiful day with the sun setting over our frozen pond on our secluded trails.


I rested, ice fished, drank some beer and had a fun weekend – Then this week… Monday I went to 4Performance and went all out for the first time since my membership began. I jumped, I skipped, I finally sprinted with literally everything I had. I woke up on Tuesday unable to walk…. Worth it. I Went to Trail Trots last night and ran 4 hills during repeats with the crew. OK… I walked 3 and sprinted 1.

That 1 though, it reminded me who I was/can be as a runner. I had a rhythm, I had power, I didn’t care how far up we had to go or how hard my heart was beating or even how out of breath I was. I ran every step, going faster on the top half than the start.

I walked 1 more for fun  because I couldn’t breath, and jogged back to the car while the group finished.

Tonight I go to one more 4Performance class and then I have to shut it down.

Surgery is tomorrow morning. I will spend a minimum of 4 weeks non-weight bearing from the sounds of things. I have to admit after the last 3 runs, and seeing where I am that thinking about returning to running is a bit daunting.

It’s well-known that the start is what stops most people.

It is also exciting though.

More excitement than daunting. I have not been able to push-off  on a run in almost a year. I have not been able to spend time in the woods just exploring and enjoying with the people I love. I have not got up in the morning, put my foot down, and taken a pain-free step in almost a year.

I always wondered how folks with chronic pain got through their days. I guess they just do. There isn’t a choice to stay in bed, and that doesn’t help much with the pain anyway.

I have a feeling this surgery will hurt. It’s pretty violent when all is said and done, but I am so ready to have this problem fixed. My left leg has developed a lot of problems over the past 8 months while I compensated, so I am going to focus on getting that fixed while I heal post-surgery.

Once we get the go ahead, it’s time to get back to spending time in the woods. Back to running. One step at a time, making the most of the time we have.


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