Week 1 post-op

When I am running and active I tend to have more to write about. Not just about running, but my mind seems to work with more creativity. I noticed a lot leading in to the weeks before surgery as I was coming up with new ideas and leads left and right. The past week – Shut down.

I figure a way to counter this is to simply document how my recovery is going each week, post-op.

Surgery went well. The doctor said everything went as expected –

Arrived in good spirits ready to have my leg cut open

img_5303 img_5305

The surgery took just about an hour – They placed a tourniquet on my thigh, cut along the back of my leg – Removed the achilles tendon, removed a significant portion of bone growth on the heel, sanded it smooth, drilled 4 holes, hammered in 4 anchors, dropped in 4 threads to those anchors and reattached the tendon with a “speed bridge”

Sweet – I’ll either be like the flash or Henry Rowengartner. Either way – Awesome.

Things from week 1.

Post Op pain is a real thing – So are the drugs.

I took drugs for 4 days, decided to cut them out and went through withdrawal immediately. I can’t imagine being on them for months or years. No thanks.

I am not ashamed to crawl to get what I need. Up stairs, down them, to the bathroom, Whatever

Single leg pistol squats to use the bathroom.

How would ANYONE not in good shape get through this? Not possible, holy shit.

The weather on my week off has been record breaking. pushing 60s and 70s… in february… typical. I spent some time fishing, and some time just sitting on the deck.

We have a ramp in our garage – people told us to take it out I said “what if we need it” boom, we needed it.

Today I woke up went to work and noticed my cast had broken over night – I have a post op scheduled for next weds, but I have to go back in today and have this thing fixed…. dang.

So in one week lets recap.

Surgery hurts – Drugs bad – Ramp good – Being fit prior Good – Broken cast Bad.

See ya all next week when I get the new cast off!


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