2 weeks post op

I am documenting recovery from a haglunds deformity removal and a debridement and attachment of the Achilles tendon via a speed bridge

Week 1 was here https://emergingtrail.wordpress.com/2017/02/23/week-1-post-op/

2 weeks post op

I was excited. In my pre-op meeting with the Doctor he had told me that we would spend 2 weeks in the cast, have it removed, and then transition to a boot (not weight bearing, but a boot).

To the cast room we went, and then off came the cast.


The wound healed perfectly the stitches were taken out and I was left with a slightly puffy foot and ankle region. The nurse asked if we had a boot, or if they would be supplying one. I said we did not have one and they would have to give us one. She wrote it all down and out she went


Then it was off to the x-ray room to see how everything healed


Then the doctor came in, I told him I was excited to get fitted for the boot and he looked at me like I was insane and said: “No, 2 more weeks in a new cast.”

This is when things got interesting because I was mentally ready for a boot and to begin to move forward. I pointed out  what he said about 2 weeks and he actually started to get loud and aggressive with me saying 2 weeks was never the plan, we talked about 4. I looked at him and stated bluntly I was not interested in going back in a cast because that’s not the plan, and that’s not what recent research indicates it the proper way to recover from this procedure.

This is when things got interesting, he literally yelled at me saying “Then I don’t even know why I should bother doing surgery anymore if you know how to do everything” and headed for the door.

I responded “Seriously right now, you haven’t explained one thing you didn’t talk to me post op and now this?”

His response “Yeah, I was busy the day of surgery”

OK – So swallow my pride for a minute, agree to the cast – and then ask some follow up questions regarding the left foot (same problem)

I point out that many places now are doing the procedure with endoscopic/ arthroscopic technique leaving the tendon in place and removing the bone growth and creating a 6 week recovery vs the 6 months I am dealing with.

He again starts yelling at me and tells me in the following order:

  1. That is not possible, its not a joint it can’t be done
  2. The people doing that procedure are probably not even real doctors
  3.  In his 15 years he has only done that procedure 1 time
  4. If I saw a video of it, it was fake

So…. follow those 4 points and you can see who I was dealing with here.

I decided to get my new cast and get out.


So here we are 2 weeks out. Still not weight bearing, still not out of the cast, and recovery going slow and not really doing anything… Just sitting.

Oh and about those “fake” procedures. Take a look at each link below. I have found 2 doctors, 1 in Buffalo and 1 in Rochester willing to do this for my left leg once my right leg is out of the cast.



Click to access IJHRMIMS10.pdf



And for some evidence on weight bearing at 2 weeks…. Which there is plenty – Here is just one.



Major lessons at week 2  – Always ask a lot of questions before. Always shop around for doctors – Always do research even if people think you are being stupid and should just trust the doctor.

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