3 weeks post op

I am documenting recovery from a haglunds deformity removal and a debridement and attachment of the Achilles tendon via a speed bridge.

Week 1  Week 2

Week 3: The week began with major frustrations as you can read about last week with week 2. Everything else seems to be fine though.

I have no pain at the heel. I have no scratching and itching where the incision was, mostly it seems to be just a scar but I won’t really know for sure until next wednesday.

I have found getting around to be annoying, I am sort of over the scooter thing. I don’t want anyone to feel like they need to help me but its sort of inevitable that I need help.

Yesterday it was really nice out. I opened the door for Picasso to go out and he jumped out, and then jumped in, and then jumped out and gave me that “Why aren’t you coming out to play” look. Total frustration on his part as he huffed and shuffled off the deck to go play in the yard on his own.

I managed to split enough firewood for 2 more fires. It was… interesting splitting wood with one leg on a scooter and one on the ground. Thankfully Sheila stacked it because that would have literally taken me an hour.

I have not gone to others houses except for the #TrailsRoc board meeting because the weather has been “wet” which means scoots magoots leaves wheel marks everywhere and i’m not about to ruin someones floors to visit.

I went to ForePerformance and the guys gave me a plan to workout non-weight bearing. I might start trying to drive with my left foot because needing a ride everywhere is pretty lame.

I get my cast off in 1 week, and then I can start PT and start weight bearing. I have an appointment on the 16th so I can discuss having my left foot taken care of.

pretty much the last 3 weeks of my life….

Dreaming of running trails – Working through the process to get back – Understanding this is temporary. Soon.

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