Week 5 achilles recovery

Here we are through week 5.  This week included my lowest points. Let’s review real quick

  1. There was a snowstorm that kept my cast on 2 extra days – Then it came off.
  2. I was unable to do even little foot movements the weekend the cast came off. Could not curl my toes, nothing, nada.
  3. I was shocked at how bad my foot was – I had the idea that I would be super mobile and all “let’s move around” after 4.5 weeks of laying around. It was actually the opposite as I sat in pain worse than the previous 4 weeks. It caught me off guard. However – the bone looks good – Like this.
  4. My cankles were on full display
    elevate the foot while the crew puts in miles at Whiting Road Nature Preserve


  5. I am ready to weight bear – Monday should be the day we start adding that back in. I will bring crutches for longer moves, but around the house and the office I will be working things back in.
  6. Going to the gym was still way harder than I anticipated. I could not set the weights up myself and couldn’t get around that great. I think it needs to wait until I am off of the crutches for good, we will assess in PT on Monday. In reality I will have missed 2 months of workouts hoping to gain years on the back end.
  7. I had a few really bad days where all of this got to me. It’s really frustrating and I have not found a good outlet for that frustration (ya know, like running)
1 more week in this boot


Then 1 or two weeks back in this one

So there it is. Through some weeks…. Hoping recovery starts picking up speed and we can start adding in more and more PT , and in a few weeks a sneaker! I can’t wait for a sneaker!

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