Week 6 Achilles recovery

Through 6 weeks since my surgery. I was worried I had a few more weeks of slower than the suggested recovery. Turns out the surgeon is very conservative on the side of recovery.

I went to PT 3 days after getting the cast off and I had pretty solid range of motion and above average strength. I had no atrophy in the cast but I had a lot of swelling that limited my toes from doing much of anything.

I followed the PT routine to a T at home. Three times a day. I never missed it. I am committed to getting this leg fixed and joining my friends on the trail.

Yesterday I arrived at PT in my boot, with crutches and we went through a big range of exercises testing everything out the same as we have every time.

I scored above the average returns on all the measures. This is where my day got better. I expected at least one more full week in the boot but anticipated it would be without crutches.

I was given the choice – one more week in the boot, full weight bearing and then switch to a sneaker with a heel lift next week on Monday.

OR switch to the sneakers starting today, but 50% weight still on crutches. To me this was a no brainer, the less time in the boot the better.

finally, my leg can breath

So I am at work today, with crutches and my sneakers, It is strange to walk, and I move really slowly and deliberately . I am progressing though. For the first time since the surgery I feel like I am moving in the right direction. It only took 6 weeks to feel positive, I h ope it continues.

The caution comes from the following though, and I need to remember it:

-You are going to be able to do things others in this program are unable to do because you are athletic and strong. The catch comes that you are not allowed to do those things because we need to take our time and introduce everything slowly.-

I will trust the plan – but I am finally seeing some light at this tunnel.

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