Week 7 and 8

Walking. Oh lord i’ve been walkin. Something so many of us take for granted.

Good bye crutches

On Monday of last week I was able to ditch the crutches. Again, just like when I took the cast off I anticipated “smooth sailing”. Nope. I got on the treadmill, and using both handrails was able to walk one tenth of a mile in ten minutes.

0.1 – 10 minutes. A regular speed demon.

Mentally it’s hard for a few reasons.

  1. It is hard to see such numbers as progress even though I know this is huge
  2. It is hard to trust the tendon. I have an overlying fear of ripping this thing right back off the bone. I am sure the PT and steady progression will help with this
  3. We have had 3, maybe 4 days of 70 degrees or more…. Already! I am over trail head parking lots and ready to go on a trail. I have a few months still before that.

Physically it’s had for a few reasons.

  1. This is the most out of shape I have ever been, so factoring that in to my recovery will be important
  2. The swelling – Holy hell. If I spend any time on my feet, the ankle area turns in to a balloon. Hello compression gear and ice. I had to complete surgery on my shoe so I could walk without pain.image1.jpg
  3. Plantar Faciitis! My foot was in a downward angle for so long in those casts that the Plantar tendon just went with it all “cool lets roll up in here and take a long nap” Then I woke it up by walking on it. It’s sort of like when you are sleeping and you get a bucket of ice water thrown on you. HELLLLOOO
  4. I. Am. Slow. Like for realz. When I walk down the hallway at school it’s really slow and deliberate, it takes me forever just to get to the office. It’s also exhausting!

What’s right though?


  1. I am loving driving again. I think Shme is too. Almost 2 months she had to cart my ass around
  2. I am slow, but moving forward. You can’t progress standing still so whatever forward progress I have, I plan on building on
  3. Finally going to the gym again. Yesterday I was given permission to ride indoor cycling sans boot as well as the row machine. I can also walk on the treadmill for 10-20 minutes at a 1.0mph pace…. I should have told them I had a “speed bridge” put in….

Thankful for?

  1. Insurance. Anyone without it, seems to me to be taking a massive risk. Just playing the what if game here for a second What if this was not a planned surgery but a rupture while out on the trail or a trip over the dog, or any other “accident”? The surgery would have set me back $11,324.61. We spend about $2500 a year on insurance payments. Or in other words 4.5 years worth of payments spent in 45 minutes. On top of that I have already gone to PT 5 times – Had pain killers prescribed, received crutches and a $200 ROM Walker boot. All in all since Feb 15th I am around $15,000 in coverage used. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have 15 grand just sitting around. If I had saved my premiums into a high return account I would still be at least $8,000 short in that time frame. Thank god for the quality health insurance that we are able to purchase from our employer – I really feel for those where this is not an option. I surely wouldn’t be bombing up and down mountains and trails without it I can tell ya that much!
  2. Sheila for helping me through the bad parts and driving me everywhere I needed to go.
  3. Friends who keep checking in and helping out with things. The dock is in and it’s all thanks to friends who came out and got cold with me!

So there we have it. Challenges, progress, and thankfulness. One more full week of completing my physical therapy and then we progress check on Monday afternoon to see where I am. Onward.

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