You can

Last night Sheila and I were part of a panel at the Rochester Running Company. We were sharing about our experiences with trail running, ultra running and event production. I looked around the room and listened as conversation was happening and I heard some things that are interesting to me.

“That race is too hard”

“I could never do that”

“14 hours???”

And so on, and so when it was my turn to speak the message I wanted to give was not about how hard these races are, they are – Everyone knows it. The message I wanted to give was “You can”.

No one that runs these events is that different from you. These events are about more than running and they are open to so many people. Last night I gave a message of finding the reason why you want to run a long trail event. I want you to know that whatever the reason is, however long you would like to spend in the woods, and whatever event you choose – You can.

When Sheila registered for her first 50 miler at the Virgil Crest Ultra she repeatedly heard “Virgil? That’s so hard, are you sure you want this to be your first 50?” It was a constant mix of those questions. They should have said “How awesome, I can’t wait to see how you take on that challenge”

From that point on I made it a point to encourage runners. You can run that first 10 miler. You can run that marathon. You surely can run that 50k and if you want to go longer, guess what? You can.


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