Race Week

This Saturday we take on our largest production challenge to date. This is an event that is literally 10 years in the making. It has been a real live process for the past 3 years. In August of 2014 we hiked/ran every single mile of trail in Letchworth State Park. In 2015 we mapped out what we considered to be the best 50 mile course we could come up with.

Plans were changed when the south end of the park was closed, and suddenly we were able to add in what turns out to be some of the most beautiful single track you will find anywhere in our region.

We settled on 40 miles, point to point. We hiked the course, we ran the course, we studied the maps. We came up with every idea possible for these miles. We knew it’s the best we could do!

We finally pitched the idea to the NYS Parks, The Army Corp of Engineers, and the NYS Parks police and they were shocked at our organization and signed off on things immediately.

It took another full year of fine tuning details, of selling the idea to local runners, of finding sponsors and everything else that goes in to a race like this but here we are.

Race week.

Every time we direct a race I am both proud and humbled at the same time. I am proud of what we can pull off especially as this is not our job. The events we produce are quality events. They are organized, they are thought out, the details are worked out. We manage the races as we would want them managed as runners ourselves. People tell us some of our races are the top on their list every year. That makes me so proud of what we are doing.

I am humbled as well though. People spent over 100 dollars in some cases to race with us this time. That is just the tip of the iceberg though. Not only did folks spend hard earned money to race with us, they have spent months of their lives training, prepping, and working towards the event. They have made early mornings, and tired days at work happen. They have trusted that the time and money they have spent on our event will pay off in a way that will be memorable.

That is a humbling thought and it drives me to make sure this event goes off the way we want. I love this community so being able to be, in some small way, part of it is one of the most exciting parts of my day – Every day. Yes, even the crazy parts of this. It drives who I am.

So here we are spending our days at school and our evenings in Letchworth. Spending my work breaks on the details and what little down time we get wondering if we did everything right.

I am sure I will write more about the event after it’s over, but let me just say this now. Thank you. Thank you to everyone who is trusting us. Thank you to our friends and families who are helping us by volunteering. Thank you for the smiles and the high fives, and even the sweaty, stank, muddy hugs we are sure to receive.

The race course is ready – We are ready. We can’t wait to share our creation with you!

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