Many On The Genny – Thanks

I could write far more words than any of you are willing to read talking about the years that led up to this race becomming a thing. I could talk about the process, the meetings, the mapping, the running, the stress, the weather, the beer, the high fives, the joy, and the exhaustion. 

I could. 

It would be a great story, but it would not leave enough room for thanks.

So here we are in no particular order!

Phil Nesbit: Officer Sgt Nesbit – 5th place in this years event. From day 1 he sat in meetings with me as a NYS parks police officer. He explained to the parks, the police, the staff that he knew us, trusted us, and we would be just wonderful stewards come race day. He scored us some radios, and even met us on the trail a few times and gave feeback on the course. I fully believe without his confidence, MOTG is a tougher sell. 

Aid Stations: There will never be a race that works without aid station volunteers. We have heard from no less than 15 runners personally telling us that these aid stations were among the best they have ever seen. There is not enough thanks to go to the vollies and captains. Elnora McBeth – Barry Cherney, Lisa Valone, Mike Meynadasy, Jonathan Griffiths. Hiking coolers, water, food, and fucking watermelon down a muddy, slick, single track. Thank you isn’t enough.

Sweepers: A completely thankless job. Behind the runners – Picking up flags you trampled. Taking note of what areas of the course need care after.  Dan, then Amy covered all 40 miles doing such good work that we did not need to go back out and do it ourselves. Thank them, without good sweepers, events get a bad rep.

Familes: We had almost all of our siblings and parents and close friends show up to help out. So much in fact that we didnt always have a job for them to do. This is best bad feeling ever. “We have too much help”. How awesome. Major thanks to them.

Joe and the 803 Washington Beer Garden: Hours spent brewing our post race treat. Hours spent worrying about how to make it just right. Adding personal touches from the labels to the bottles. Everything about what you did was perfect for our event!

Photogs: Pay for 1, get 2 – That and then amazing -stunning photos. Thanks to Ron and Mike.

Summer: Summer was our EMT. This was a requirement from the park. She followed the event all day. She went to each aid station. She allowed us to gain permission for the event and made us feel like we did not have to worry about runner care once I yelled go.That’s clutch.

Runners: DUh- Thanks for putting your faith in us to pull this shit off. You are kind of a cool community to be a small little part of. Thank you for letting us share our favorite park with you.

Josh: I am being serious when I say this event literally does not happen without Josh. Sheilas brother is still in high school – One hell of a runner – and was selfless all week long helping for this event. Here are the tasks he did for us. 1. Boiled all the potatoes you ate…did this at midnight, in the morning, during the day. Dude took care of almost 70lbs of potato. 2. The water you drank? He filled the jugs. like 180 gallons worth. The water drop you had? He hiked it down in the pitch black, by headlamp, in a rain storm. Hundreds of lbs. The course you ran? He marked it with us. I am still on the mend from surgery. Without Josh, it’s a map and me yelling go. Those flags were him. Road crossings? He put the signs, and then he manned one at trail #11 all damn morning. Finish line? He helped set it up. Start line? he set flags while you milled around. Post race? He hiked down with Sheila at 10pm to schlep out our water drop. He spent all day sunday unloading a trailer with us, cleaning gear, packing shit up. He never took a break. For 1 entire week Josh made this event his priority and everyone who ran owes him a thank you. None more than Sheila and myself. Josh is where it’s at. Thank you.

Sheila: 1st year events stress me out. I knew I would have a moment at some point (see 2pm Friday afternoon parking lot of the finish line) – I gave her some fresh cut roses the week of the race and said “There is no one I would want to scream at me during race week than you”.

When we were scheduling my surgery for my achilles we knew it would cut it close to the race. Turns out it was too close and my foot limited me so much on race week that each night I could hardly walk. Sheila had to take the lead race day for making certain aid stations were set, checking and finishing marking the course, and running like a maniac.

Sheila spent the spring scouting trails while I recovered. She gave up an ultra of her own to make sure this one went off. She listened to all of my crazy ideas, dealt with all of my blow ups and at the end of the day grabbed a beer and enjoyed with me.

I cannot think of one other person who I would have trusted with the creation and partnership of this event. Not one other than her.

This race has been a dream for a long time. Well “A race in Letchworth”. Sheila helped put a vision to it. She stared at maps with me. Helped pick out aid station locations. Listened to every single crazy idea I had and brought me back to earth more times than I can count. 

The success of Many On The Genny rests soley on her shoulders and I cannot thank her enough.

I know I missed some of you – It’s not intentional, I just have a mush brain.

Thank you all. Now, who is in for 2018?

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