The knife

In february I had my right leg sliced and diced open and tracked the progress for a bit here.

I have worked my ass off through PT doing my work every single day to the point that the doctor was actually shocked at how much strength I had back at this point.

I knew from before that my left leg would need the same surgery at some point. I wanted to avoid it at all costs because I did not want to have another year of no running.

I saw 7 doctors…. literally. 7. At the end of the day they all had the same advice, do this now, it won’t get better without surgery, you will run again and it will be pain free later in life.

I was still hell bent on getting back in shape on the bad leg anyway. I went out on Thursday and ran 1 mile on the track…. By Sunday morning it was still in so much pain that I was unable to do anything I wanted. Pain from my first step to my last step. No run with friends, no hike in the woods. Nothin.

I made the decision to just have the surgery. I am lucky, even though I am currently in pain, and a lot of it, there is a solution. So I decided there is no reason to wait any longer. I am ready to cut it off, fix it, and work on PT.

This means no running… again… no racing…. again….. This puts me 3 years from racing by the time all is said and done.

I was mad all weekend, but I am feeling more positive now. I am feeling like we have a solution to a problem that has been going on for years.

I am ready to run again….. just a few more months.

We have 2 camping trips planned before my surgery. November 2nd I get fixed. See you on the trails sometime next year 🙂


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