Oddly calm

2 weeks ago I scheduled an appointment to have my left leg cut up . 

It’s the same surgery as my right leg went through in February of this  year but with a more progressive doctor and more aggressive rehab routine planned.

In February, I was angry – upset about losing more time to running as we had spent an entire year trying to avoid surgery and not running hardly at all. I was upset with the doctor we chose, the rehab process, and everything in between.

This time around I feel oddly calm. It’s almost as if knowing that this has to be done and the thought of being pain-free and running has soothed things over a bit for me. I have no sense of anger or frustration just a strange positive approach to the future.

By the time all is said and done I will be almost 3 years removed from surgery – 1 year trying to avoid surgery – 7 months lost to the right foot and then surgery on the left – So if all goes well 6-12 months from now I will be back to 100%.

The last 2 years were spent in sort of mope around mode – Drink beer with friends who ran 50+ mile weeks – Eat food that wasn’t healthy – Occasionally work out – Watch the scale rise.

We are going to join the local YMCA because they have a pool and facilities that will allow me to be active within 2 weeks of surgery. We have studied and chosen the best path for nutrition over the next 1.5 months as a way to lose a few lbs prior to becoming non weight-bearing again, and I have a plan in place to start running again.

Before the last procedure I was looking at races and other events to see where I could return. This time around it will be runs with friends and groups that get me back.

I am excited and even though I feel like I am starting over for the 5th time in the past 5 years I am excited.

So let’s talk runs and adventure soon, because I can’t wait to get back to that stuff with you all!


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