Tupper Lake Triad

A few winters ago Sheila and I were driving to Lake Placid and saw a tiny little building with a stone parking lot, a small camp fire burning, and a little sign that read”Raquette River Brewing”. We made a u-turn, and decided to see if they were open.

A tiny brewery was there. They had 5 beers at the time. All 5 were among the best we had tasted. As we sat there chatting with the owner, he showed us a brochure for the Tupper Lake Triad. A fun little mountain challenge to help the town of Tupper Lake with some tourism, which in return he was certain would help his brewery.

Not being healthy enough post surgery for the high peaks this year, and knowing that I have the other leg scheduled for November 2nd we decided to take a trip to Tupper Lake to hit up these 3 family friendly mountains and get one more mountain trip in before we slice n dice the foot up.

The trip detailed below!

The drive up – Something about making the turn on Route 3 and having the first of the mountains come in to view gets me every single time. But the kicker for us this time was different. Driving past Raquette River Brewing on a friday at dinner time and seeing it PACKED. They had added a massive outdoor pavillion – They had food trucks – They had live music. There were dogs. It was amazing. I was/am so happy for them. I remember being there those years ago and thinking “boy, I hope this place makes it, his beer is great” Now it seems like a small town success story!

The Campsite:

We camped at Fish Creek Pond campgrounds and had an on water site that made for beautiful mornings and amazing sunsets and star lit nights. Every time I go to the mountains I am reminded just how much light pollution we create/live under.

This campground is massive and all the sites are drive up (aka bring your heavy camp gear if you want) and on the water. Most folks were in campers and RVs but we saw a few tent folks there like us. The site has trails and bike paths and is a mountain lake/recreation area all on it’s own. We took notes on which sites we would like to have for the future!

site 004

The Mountains:

Coney Mountain-

We decided for a head lamp start to try to catch a sunrise summit. It took us a minute to get going in the morning and to get started at the trail head including a mountain side poop – It started to get light with about 12 minutes to go to the summit and I thought we missed the sunrise resulting in a few…. many… cuss words about missing the sunrise. We made it to the summit with headlamps off and realized we were on time to see the sun rise above the great range. The morning was perfectly still, no wind, no clouds. Nothing but us on the summit waiting with 1 other couple for the sun to peak over in perfect alignment with Mt. Marcy. The entire reason for this early hike!

The climb itself was not terrible – It was easy enough to navigate by lamp and the trails were simple that any fit family could easily summit. The views for such a short hike were fantastic including the entire Great Range.

Goodman Mountain:

The easiest hike of the day – The first .6 miles while uphill, are on a handicapped accessible path making for quick work on this section. The mountain turns at the top of this path and heads towards a partially tree covered summit with views of the range and of Coney Mountain where we had just come from. A few photos on the summit and back down we went to head to our final mountain of the day.

Mt. Arab – 

Part of the ADK Fire Tower challenge, this was the most “adirondacky” of all the 3 climbs, but also the shortest. With some boulders and large steps and the addition of wet roots and muck spots, this trail hit it all. This hike also had a “self guided tour”. Sheila picked up the paper at the trail head and we were able to spot numbers along the way talking about the nature, geography, and history of this mountain. In addition to the fire tower there is an old rangers cabin still in use today as a museum.

The friends – 

The best part of trips like this is sharing it with others. We spent the weekend with Valone and Lisa. We climbed 3 mountains, sat in a mountain lake, made food on a camp fire, went out to eat at the brewery, and had many laughs about farts as the weekend went on.

The beers

A huge thumbs up to Raquette River – A huge thumbs down to Big Tupper Brewing. We went to Big Tupper – and sat for over 30 minutes without even an offer of a drink. In that time frame 3 other groups/couples left as well. The building is amazing – The menu sounded great – But no service…. so we left…. without ever trying the beer. Sad face.

RRB had a bunch of delicious beers on tap, with great service and was pet friendly. I even got to touch base with the owner that we spoke with a few years back.

This is what it looks like when you open the place up at 11am already having climbed 3 peaks

We will be back soon to enjoy beers and climb more mountains in that area.


Triad done – Next up Allegheny – Then recover from surgery and look at the Saranac 6ers. Ya know, because it’s all about that #PatchLife

Till next time ADK – We will be back


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