Let’s roll

Literally – For the next few weeks this is how I plan on getting around

It’s pretty fly – I sure do miss the basket on the front that my scooter from that last surgery had.

So here is the news regarding my left leg and where we go from here.

  1. The Achilles had much more damage than anticipated based on images according to the doctor
  2. The spur on this leg was much larger than the right leg
  3. we added an additional procedure to hopefully help prevent any recurrence of this issue

So what was done?

  1. Same surgery as before –  Debridement of the tendon – Remove spur – reattach tendon Here, watch the procedure
  2. An elongation of the calf muscle via a Gastrocnemius Recession

The process now?

  1. 2 weeks of no weight-bearing while the calf, achilles, and bone start to heal up
  2. At least 2 weeks in a walking boot with crutches and/or heel lifts slowly weaning off of both
  3. At week 6 we can begin physical therapy.

I am in more pain this time than last time – The surgery was a bit more invasive and took a bit longer. Tomorrow (day 3 post surgery) I will start to get myself off of the pain meds because I am not interested in any kind of opioid issues – I already cut back today.

So there we are. If this plays out the right way, I should be walking on the 17th on November – PT work starting December 14th (My goal if the Doc approves it will be Dec 11th).

At that point we look at starting some sort of re-learn to run campaign around the 1st of the year. Could I ask for a better set up?

Until then – – – Roll on my friends!

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